Section 1
Chapter 467

Present state and prospects of the development of the potato industry in the Mongolian People's Republic

Voloozh, D.

Resistance of potato to virus diseases, its establishment and use in breeding: 141-146


Accession: 000466954

Shiir' 6, bred in Mongolia by clonal selection from a local population, has a growth period of 90-100 days and over four years yielded 31.5 t/ha-1 of yellow tubers of good flavour, containing 15.6-19% starch, 22.1-25.4% dry matter and 17.9-22.8 mg/100 g vitamin C. It has good storage quality and is resistant to internal rust spot and fairly resistant to Phytophthora. General notes are given on the development of high-yielding cvs. resistant to diseases and pests.

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