Progress in exports despite severe competition. Cheese is now the main Danish dairy export

Nielsen, S.T.

Maelkeritidende 90(13): 344-352


Accession: 000470953

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This is a condensed version of a report presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Danish Cheese Producers on 22 March 1977, discussing Danish cheese production, developments in the home market and in export markets, cheese additives, the advertising budget, pricing, the state cheese assessment system, the annual cheese and butter exhibitions (held in September), the system of penalties applicable in cases where cheeses do not meet the statutory requirements concerning fat and moisture content, etc. In 1976 Danish cheese production rose 4% to a record 157,000 t. but stocks were reduced during the year from 24,000 to 19,000 t, despite a drop in home sales (from 50,000 to 48,000 t.). The German Federal Republic, where Danish cheese sales rose from 28,060 to 33,929 t, remained the main export market, followed by the UK (where sales increased from 17,589 to 19,381 t) and Iran (13,615 t in 1976). Exports to the USA (in 4th place) have fallen in the last 3 years from 25,000 to 13,240 t, and may decline further if the present US import quota system is changed from a country-by-country to an overall quota system. Total Danish cheese exports in 1976 (115,000 t, vs. 99,000 t in 1975) were worth 1,510 million kr. The 1977/78 advertising budget, prepared by a marketing committee appointed by the Cheese Export Committee, is 32 million kr, of which 28 million kr are devoted to the five main markets. Application was recently made to the State Inspectorate for permission to use the additional names 'Danish Tilsit' and 'Danish Steppe Cheese' (felt to be of advantage particularly for the German market) for Havarti and Danbo respectively.