Radio communications in forest protection

Tret' yakov, G.P.; Dudov, E.N.

Lesnoe Khozyaistvo 6: 82-83


Accession: 000475658

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The development of radio communications in forestry in the Gorkii region of the USSR since 1970 is described, with special reference to its application in aerial fire patrols. The various short-wave and ultra-short-wave radios used (Nedra, Karat, Granit, RSO-5, Groza, Kaktus, and R-809) are briefly discussed, and the organization of radio-communications in the Gorkii forest enterprise is shown diagrammatically. The headquarters of the enterprise has radio contact with each aircraft by two ultra-short-wave channels (Granit and R-809); the aircraft are in radio-contact with the local forest enterprises and the mechanized section; adjacent forest enterprises are also in radio contact. In 1975-76, air patrols spotted and reported 131 forest fires in the Gorkii territory.