Response of wheat to Cycocel (CCC) application. 2. Effects of nitrogen level and CCC concentration on yield components of dwarf and tall wheat (Triticum aestivum)

E.S.arkawy, M.A.; Sgaier, K.; Ramadan, M.M.

Libyan Journal of Agriculture 2: 21-26


Accession: 000486107

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In a trial in which 2 wheat cultivars were given combinations of applied N and chlormequat [see preceding abs.], application of 80 and 120 kg N/ha to cv. Sidi Misri 1 (dwarf) increased number of grains/ear by 14.3 and 8% and grain yield 44 and 23%, respectively; 1000-grain weight was decreased 5.7% by 80 kg N/ha. In cv. Florence Aurora (tall), grain yield was increased 24% by 80kg N/ha and number of grains/ear was increased 8% by 120 kg N/ha. Chlormequat at 2.5 and 6.0 kg/ha increased yield in Sidi Misri 1 by 14 and 21%, respectively, increased number of grains/ear 10 and 6% and decreased 1000-grain weight 7.8 and 5.8%, respectively. Chlormequat had no effect on yield and yield components in Florence Aurora, except for 1000-grain weight, which was decreased 4% by 2.5 kg chlormequat/ha.