Results of genotype testing of beef crosses from mating of Italian beef cattle to Black Pied in commercial conditons. 1. Calving and fattening performance

Neumann, W.; Weiher, O.; Hildebrandt, E.; Baudisch, H.P.; Bohning, V.

Archiv fur Tierzucht 21(1): 41-53


Accession: 000487025

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1. German Black Pied cows were inseminated with semen of local breeds or imported from Italian breeds, 3 to 8 bulls of each breed being used. The bull breeds were Chiana, Marche, Romagna, Piedmont, German Black Pied, Charolais and beef Simmental and there was also a group of purebred German Black Pied Dairy cattle. The calving performance of the cows after the different matings was recorded, and male progeny were tested by fattening for slaughter at 450 or 550 days of age. Fattening was on silage and concentrates. Crossing with Chiana, Romagna or Piedmont significantly increased birthweight and somewhat increased the number of calving difficulties and stillbirths. The Charolais and Simmental crosses had little effect on birthweight.Chiana and Romagna crosses gained 10.1 and 9.6% more weight than pure German Black Pied bulls between 50 and 190 days of age and Charolais crosses 8.4% more. Energy conversion in that period was most efficient in the Chiana cross, 13.9% better than the pure German Black Pied. From 191 to 450 days overall mean daily gain was just significantly highest, 1085 g, by the Simmental cross and very significantly poorest, 915 g, by the pure Black Pied Dairy bulls which were also least efficient. When fattening was continued to 550 days the Chiana and Simmental crosses lagged behind and the Charolais, Romagna and Marche crosses were those which gained more weight than the German Black Pied; but towards the end of that period the German Black Pied Dairy bulls made rapid gains though their overall performance remained poor. From 50 to 550 days it was the Romagna Charolais and Chiana crosses that were best both in gain and in energy conversion.