Section 1
Chapter 500

Soil erosion in the Kampenwand area. Attempt to establish a quantitative measure of the relationship between soil erosion and the factors height, exposure, slope angle, parent rock and land use

Kelch, G.; Drexler, O.; Zech, W.

Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie (Suppl28): 134-147


Accession: 000499731

The object of this study is the distribution of 'Blaiken' (soil erosion connected with the destruction of vegetation) during 1961 to 1973 in the Kampenwand area (Bavarian Alps). The development and disappearance of Blaiken are not in equilibrium. Those areas which showed Blaiken in 1961 also reveal a general tendency towards increased damage to vegetation and soil. The dynamics of Blaiken vary with height, inclination, exposure, petrography and land use.

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