Stephanurus dentatus in swine

Busetti, E.T.; Giovannoni, M.; Franca, D.C.; Costa, M.L.

Arquivos de Biologia e Tecnologia 17: 124-132


Accession: 000506912

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Figures from Brazil based on examination of several hundred thousand pigs show that in Parana State the incidence of Stephanurus dentatus infection has declined from 53.45% in 1963 to 6.98% in 1971 and in Santa Catarina State from 20.15% in 1963 to 14.83% in 1967 but had risen to 24.27% by 1971. The incidence in pigs from Rio Grande do Sul slaughtered in Parana declined from 33.75% in 1963 to 19.08% in 1971. Figures are given for each of the several hundred pig-producing areas in the 3 States.