Section 1
Chapter 509

Studies of gastrointestinal interactions. V. Gastric secretion and duodenal reflux in man after a composite meal. The influence of glucose on gastric secretion, emptying and gastric volume

Lagerlöf, H.O.; Johansson, C.; Ekelund, K.

Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 8(8): 735-742


ISSN/ISBN: 0036-5521
PMID: 4771114
Accession: 000508940

For part 2 see NAR 43, 5108. 5. Gastric secretion rate was estimated quantitatively in 7 healthy subjects after a fluid meal of milk protein, fat and lactose. The constant but moderate secretion rate was not affected by the addition of 10% glucose to the meal. Correction was made for duodenal reflux. Constant relations were found between gastric volumes, secretion and emptying for a considerable time in each test, with deviations in the beginning and at the end. Addition of 10% glucose slowed emptying during the first hour after the meal, resulting in a slower decrease of gastric volumes.

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