Studies on chemical analysis of mycotoxins. VI. Study on the simultaneous determination of penicillic acid and patulin by high-performance liquid chromatography

Isohata, E.; Takeda, Y.; Uchiyama, M.

Journal of the Food Hygienic Society of Japan 17(4): 308-313


Accession: 000509949

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The mycotoxins were extracted with CH3CN:4% KCl:20% H2SO4 (89:10:1) and transferred into a CHCl3 layer which was subsequently applied to column chromatography on silicic acid. The fraction eluted with CHCl3-methanol (97:3) contained penicillic acid and patulin. In liquid chromatography min. detectable amounts of penicillic acid and patulin were 50 and 102 ng, respectively, or 5 and 10 ppb in food, respectively.