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Chapter 511

Studies on cold storage of mango fruits (Mangifera indica L. cv. Langra)

Mann, S.S.; Singh, R.N.

Indian Journal of Horticulture 32(1/2): 7-14


ISSN/ISBN: 0972-8538
Accession: 000510023

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Mango fruits, apparently fully mature, were picked at 5-day intervals on 3 dates and stored at 45-48 deg F and 85-90% RH on the same day, or after 2 or 4 days' holding at room temperature, or after pre-cooling in water at 5 deg C, and their storage quality and fruit composition were assessed at intervals up to 45 days. The palatability rating was highest in pre-cooled fruits, followed by those stored soon after picking.

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