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Chapter 511

Studies on fertilizer application in a double-cropping of rice and barley in paddy field. 3. The effects of phosphorus, potassium and calcium on the growth and yield of barley and rice in alternate cropping

Chang, Y.H.; Heu, H.; Kho, J.C.; Chung, K.Y.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development, Crop 17: 85-91


Accession: 000510375

In field trials in 1969-72 with double-cropped rice/barley, rice was given various combinations of 150 kg N, 80 kg P2O5, 80 kg K2O and 3 t lime/ha and barley 80 kg N, 40 or 80 kg P2O5, 50 or 100 kg K2O and 3 t lime/ha. The residual effect of P applied to barley in the following rice crop was high, but the residual effect of K was small.

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