Studies on growth and fattening of Korean native cattle in Jeju. 4. Effect of partial and complete castration of crossbred cattle on growth and fattening

Kim, H.S.; Cheong, S.K.; Lee, K.S.; Han, S.W.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development, Suwon, Livestock 18(12): 21-28


Accession: 000510538

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For 3 groups each of 4 crossbred calves subjected to partial or complete castration at 5 mth of age or left entire, final body weight at 23 mth of age averaged 458, 355 and 410 kg resp., and daily gain 0.59, 0.49 and 0.58 kg. Values for the complete castrates were significantly lower than those of the other 2 groups. Dressing percentage averaged 55.6, 54.0 and 56.0 resp., and eye-muscle area 50.08, 34.44 and 48.51 cm2.