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Chapter 513

Studies on the cold resistance of rice seedlings. II. Investigations on the mechanism of cold resistance and the effects of chemical treatments

Chang, H.H.; Ku, Y.L.; Lai, K.L.

Journal of the Agricultural Association of China Chung hua Nung hsueh Hui Pao 87: 37-55


Accession: 000512342

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Dehydrogenase activity was closely and positively correlated with cold resistance. At 4 deg C the content of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) remained constant in the cold-resistant variety Taichung 65 but was significantly reduced in the cold susceptible variety Tai-chung-tsai-lai 1 Contents of ATP, sugars and proteins were positively and significantly correlated with cold resistance. At 4 deg C contents of total sugars, reducing sugars, nonreducing sugars and water-soluble proteins were significantly increased. The increases were greater in Taichung 65 than in Tai-chung-tsai-lai 1. However, starch content was decreased at 4 deg C in Taichung 65 alone.

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