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Chapter 513

Studies on the effect of manure application on chemical composition and feeding value of forage crops. 2. Soiling oats

Taji, K.; Kakihara, H.; Kumai, S.; Kurihara, S.

Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science 23(2): 159-165


ISSN/ISBN: 0447-5933
Accession: 000512781

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Seeds of oats cv. Onward were sown at 5-7 kg/10 a in 60-cm rows in (a) a high fertility plot with 15 t FYM + 6 t urine/10 a, (b) a low fertility plot with 5 t FYM + 2 t urine/10 a or (c) a control plot with 16.3 kg N as ammonium sulphate + 11.8 kg P2O5 + 17.0 K2O kg/10 a on 8 Nov. 1972, 27 Nov. 1974 and 28 Nov. 1975 and harvested on 13 April 1973 and 30 April 1975 at boot leaf stage and on 6-19 May 1976 at the before heading to early heading stage, resp. Plant material was chopped to 5- to 7-cm lengths, and fed to sheep as green forage, sun-cured hay or silage. CP content of plant material decreased in order (a) > (c) > (b) in all yr, and NFE content decreased in order (b) > (c) > (a). Ca content at boot leaf stage was higher than in early heading stage under all treatments and NO3-N contents of plant material in (a) was highest in all yr. Crude fat digestibility was higher and NFE digestibility was lower in silage compared with green forage and sun-cured hay.