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Chapter 515

Studies on the storage of boar semen at 5 deg C. 1. The determination of osmotic pressure and pH in the sperm-rich fraction of boar semen and nine semen diluents

Kasuya, Y.; Kawabe, K.

Japanese Journal of Swine Husbandry Research 13(1): 22-26


Accession: 000514615

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The sperm-rich fractions of ejaculates from 8 boars were studied. Osmotic pressure was measured in 14 ejaculates, and ranged from 300 to 320 mOsm/litre with both highest and lowest values coming from different ejaculates from the same boar. The pH of 30 ejaculates was measured, and ranged from 7.2 to 7.7; these values were found in different ejaculates from the same boar (not the same boar that showed the osmotic pressure range).

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