Study on growing and fattening of Korean native cattle in Jeju. Effects of feeding milk replacer and calf starter to early weaning and suckling calves for growing and fattening

Cheong, S.K.; Ra, K.J.; Kim, H.S.; Paik, B.H.; Kang, T.H.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development, S Korea, Livestock 17(August): 91-97


Accession: 000516831

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In 3 groups 21 native Korean cattle received calf starter with roughage at 20 days of age, or milk replacer and calf starter diet with roughage after weaning at 30 days old, and the last sucked milk only for 150 days. Respective bodyweights were 126.8, 99.1 and 90.0 kg at 150 days and 398.0, 367.7 and 241.0 kg at 18 months old; differences between the first group and the others were significant. Daily gains in weight were 0.69, 0.66 and 0.39 kg and concentrates eaten reached, respectively, 6.56 6.46 and 6.37 kg/kg weight gain. (From summary.).