Superstimulation by steroid hormones of insulin-mediated proliferation and milk protein synthesis in virgin mammary gland explants in vitro

Jones, R.F.; McCarty, K.S.

Federation Proceedings 36(3): 913


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-9446
Accession: 000518561

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Priming of young adult female rats with perphenazine (Pz) caused almost exclusive development of alveoli, 17 beta -oestradiol (OE) + progesterone (PG) produced enlarged ductal epithelium, and Pz + OE + PG produced overall mammary gland development, When mammary explants from primed animals were incubated with insulin, dexamethasone and placental lactogen, macromolecule and milk protein synthesis were stimulated 2-fold after 24 h. Supplementation of the medium with 10-5 M PG + 10-7 M OE caused a superstimulation of both DNA synthesis and casein phosphorylation, whereas late pregnancy levels suppressed milk protein synthesis without altering rates of [3H]thymidine incorporation.