Section 1
Chapter 521

Synchronization of oestrus in heifers and cyclic cows with progestagens and prostaglandins analogues alone or in combination

Thimonier, J.; Chupin, D.; Pelot, J.

Annales de Biologie Animale, Biochimie, Biophysique 15(2): 437-449


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-388X
Accession: 000520503

Norethandrolone treatment over a period equivalent to the luteal phase resulted in 90% of females being in oestrus during a 48 h period. AI without detection of oestrus, however, resulted in only 34% of females calving. 9-10 days' treatment with norethandrolone, plus 5 mg oestradiol valerate injected on treatment day 1, resulted in 68% of females being in oestrus within 5 days of the end of treatment, but only 58% within a 48 h period.

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