Section 1
Chapter 524

The 59th annual sessions of the International Dairy Federation


Milk Industry 78(1): 5-14, 17, 19


Accession: 000523638

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The main points of discussion at the meetings of the IDF commissions in Salzburg in Sept. 1975 are given in this report, covering production, hygiene and quality of milk (animal nutrition, mastitis etc.); technology and engineering (cheese starters and rennets, UHT treatment and aseptic packaging, whey processing, recombination of milk and milk products, membrane separation processes, energy use and conservation etc.); economics and management techniques (general dairy situation, milk promotion, new dairy products, use of computers in dairy management etc.); legislation, compositional standards, classification and terminology; analytical standards and laboratory techniques (microbiological and chemical methods for testing dairy products, detection of antibiotics etc.); and science and education (flavour of milk and milk products, nutritional research projects, dairy education etc.).

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