The activity and isoenzyme composition of enzymes in the germinating seeds of inbred lines and hybrids of maize

Fedorov, P.S.; Teplova, E.A.; Levina, A.I.; Lukashevich, I.V.; Khammatova, I.G.

3 i Vses biokhim s"ezd, 1974 Ref nauch soobshch, 2: 70


Accession: 000525405

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The parental lines differed from one another in the activity of the enzymes RNAase, acid phosphatase, amylase and fructofuranosidase. The hybrids were intermediate between their initial forms in this respect. The isozyme composition of the hybrids in the main zones of activity did not differ from that of the parental lines. Differences between the parents were established in the number and relative electrophoretic mobility of the minor fractions. The parental lines and hybrids differed from one another also in the number of minor isozymes of malate dehydrogenase and the intensity of some bands of glutamate dehydrogenase.