The contents of stored substances in 1-year-old shoots of different walnut forms and shoot water-retaining capacity

Olisaev, V.A.; Khallaeva, S.N.

Fiziologiya i Biokhimiya Kul' turnykh Rastenii 9(5): 539-545


Accession: 000528916

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Studies were carried out in 2 different regions on 6 winter-hardy and 6 non-hardy walnut forms. Shoot fat, sugar, N and K contents were determined between October and January, and the results are tabulated. The contents of all 4 substances were correlated with winter hardiness. The water-retaining capacity of the shoots rose during the winter, especially in the hardy walnut forms A-94, A-111, P-60, P-73, B-3 and B-6.