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Chapter 530

The demonstration in vitro of the mitogenic effects of trypanosomal antigen on the spleen cells of normal athymic and cyclophosphamide-treated mice

Esuruoso, G.O.

Clinical and Experimental Immunology 23(2): 314-317


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-9104
Accession: 000529828

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When the spleen cells of normal NIH mice were cultured with pokeweed mitogen (PWM), staphylococcal filtrate (SF) or an antigen (TAg) derived from Trypanosoma brucei TREU 226, and tritiated thymidine (dr) incorporation was used as a measure of mitogenic activity, the TAg (at a level of 25 mu g/ml of spleen cell suspensions containing 2 to 3 X 106 cells/ml) was found to be a better mitogen than SF. PWM, however, was more effective than either of the two.

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