Section 1
Chapter 534

The effect of emulsifying salts on the texture of processed cheese. III. The effects of emulsifying salts on the state of dispersion of casein

Tatsumi, K.; Ohba, S.; Nakajima, I.; Shinohara, K.; Kawanishi, G.

Journal of the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan 49(9): 481-489


Accession: 000533501

The state of dispersion of casein was investigated by use of UV difference spectroscopy and ultracentrifugal analysis. Sodium caseinate was aggregated by the addition of orthophosphate and citrate, due to the high ionic strength, and dispersed by more highly condensed meta- and polymeta-phosphates, to an extent dependent on the degree of phosphate condensation. Pyro-, tripoly- and tetrapoly-phosphate all cause aggregation at high concn., and dispersion at low concn.

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