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Chapter 537

The effect of storage temperature, packaging and egg weight on fertile hatchability of White Leghorn eggs

Sethuraman, B.; Sheriff, F.R.; Srinath, M.; Kothandaraman, P.

Orissa Veterinary Journal (Spec. (Poultry)): 25-31


Accession: 000536349

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120 eggs were stored at room temp. or in a refrigerator for up to 10 days; at each temp., some eggs were packed in polythene and some were not. The hatchability of fertile eggs was calculated for eggs in the weight ranges less than or equal to 48, 48-52 and more than or equal to 53 g. Data are tabulated. Overall, hatchability was significantly better for refrigerated than for unrefrigerated eggs. Hatchability decreased significantly as storage time increased.

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