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Chapter 540

The fate of fertilizer nitrogen applied to the paddy field and its absorption by rice. 8. Comparative studies of the fate of basal nitrogen and the absorption of nitrogen by rice in different paddy fields

Shoji, S.; Nogi, T.; Takahashi, J.; Wada, G.

Proceedings of the Crop Science Society of Japan 45(2): 226-231


Accession: 000539778

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In field trials, recovery of basal N application of 60-70 kg/ha was 43% at Takadate on soil which had a higher cation exchange capacity than that at Odawara where recovery was 27%. Soil N uptake at ear emergence was 71 kg/ha on soil which gave greater mineralization of N than the soil at Takadate where soil N uptake was 44 kg/ha. Residual basal N was 16% at Takadate and 19% at Odawara.

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