Section 1
Chapter 540

The fertilization of maize in Lavras, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Gomes, F.P.

Potash Review (7, Subject 9, 37th suite): 11


Accession: 000539975

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Results from 38 trials in the area showed significant yield responses to N, P, K and limestone when the yield of the control was below 2000 kg/ha. On an economic basis (100 kg maize = 10 kg N, 12 kg P2O5, 30 kg K2O), the recommended fertilizer rates are 38 kg/ha N, no P and 88 kg/ha K2O. With the control yield not below 2000 kg/ha only N and P gave significant yield responses; nevertheless a complete fertilizer (44, 75 and 51 kg) is recommended. On cerrado soils yields responded significantly to N, P, K and limestone; the recommended rates are 51, 40 and 99 kg respectively.