The growth and reproduction of young sour cherry trees grown on mahaleb, wild cherry or sour cherry seedling rootstocks

Prodanov, G.

Gradinarska i Lozarska Nauka 13(5): 27-36


ISSN/ISBN: 0436-2624
Accession: 000541407

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The results of 8 year trials with 3 sour cherry cvs on 3 rootstocks are reported. The cvs Ranna Vishnya and Pandy grew most vigorously on mahaleb 10 rootstocks whereas Koch's Weichsel grew most vigorously on wild cherry 123. The highest mean annual yield, over 4 cropping years, was produced by Ranna Vishnya on mahaleb 10 (6340 kg/ha) and the lowest by the same cv. on wild cherry (3510 kg/ha). Ranna Vishnya on mahaleb 10 yielded 1.37 kg/m2 of crown projection and Koch's Weichsel and Pandy, both on the sour cherry cv. Trevnenska Vishnya, averaged 1.03 and 1.30 kg/m2 respectively.