The importance of voluntary food intake and metabolic rate in different genotypes of cattle in different environments

Vercoe, J.E.; Frisch, J.E.

Third International Congress of the Society for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania SABRAO in association with the Australian Plant Breeding Conference, Australia, February 1977 Animal Breeding Papers: 1(c)-42 to 1(c)-45


Accession: 000542638

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In 4 experiments, the ratio of voluntary feed intake to fasting metabolism (net energy required for maintenance) was calculated for 9 Brahman, 21 Hereford X Shorthorn (HS), 14 Brahman X HS, 12 Africander X HS, 6 Simmental X Hereford, 6 Hereford and 6 Brahman X Hereford cattle, and for 2 buffaloes and 2 bantengs. The ratio was lower for Brahman and Brahman crossbreds than for the other types in all experiments. Data are tabulated.