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The influence of IBA ( beta -indolyl-butyric acid) on the propagation of kola (Cola nitida (Vent) Schott & Endl.) by leaf-bud cuttings

Acta Horticulturae (49): 167-174

The influence of IBA ( beta -indolyl-butyric acid) on the propagation of kola (Cola nitida (Vent) Schott & Endl.) by leaf-bud cuttings

Leaf-bud cuttings from 4-month-old flushes of mature trees and from well-ripened zones of young seedlings rooted successfully. The percentage of successfully rooted leaf buds and the number and length of roots were improved by a 24-h dip in dilute IBA after callus formation, and the time to rooting was reduced from 6 to 4 weeks. There was no advantage in incorporating naphthoxyacetic acid with the IBA and prior treatment with phenylacetic acid and sucrose did not improve the effect of IBA.

Accession: 000543027

Related references

Clay, D.W.T., 1964: Vegetative propagation of kola (Cola nitida (Vent.) Schott & Endl.). Trials on budding, cuttings and grafting are reported. Little success (5% take) was obtained with budding. Cuttings taken from seedlings and grafted seedlings rooted readily, but cuttings from mature trees showed consistently poor rooting. Rooting...

Clay, D.W.T., 1964: Germination of the kola nut (Cola nitida (Vent.) Schott and Endl.). The methods used in raising seedlings at stake, in pots or baskets and in beds are discussed. The results are given of 4 trials on various factors which might affect germination. Storing the pods before removing the seeds accelerated germination,...

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Brown, D.A.L., 1970: A review of germination of kola seed (Cola nitida (Vent.) Schott & Endl). Techniques of improving the delayed and uneven germination of kola seed are reviewed. Good germination may be obtained within 30 days or less of sowing if mature nuts are used, or by storing, splitting or cutting the nut, or by treating it with ch...

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