Section 1
Chapter 555

The significance of calorie-protein ratio of the ration on growth, feed efficiency and organ weights of broiler chicks

Kazemi, R.; Amin, M.

Archiv fur Geflugelkunde 41(3): 97-100


Accession: 000554456

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Chicks, 2 weeks old, were given for up to 8 weeks diets with metabolizable energy (kcal/kg) to protein (%) ratios of 100, 150 and 200, corresponding to calculated protein contents 27.5, 19.9 and 15.6%. The composition of the diets was similar except for variations in maize and soya bean meal. The response of male and female to different ratios was not the same and varied in different periods of the study. In general bodyweight and weight gains were better with ratio 100 and 150 than with 200.

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