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Chapter 555

The situation of part-time farmers dependent on employment. Results of the research project: the influence of the employment world outside the farm on the stability of part-time farming as a subsidiary occupation

Hulsen, R.; Bade, R.; Sakowsky, D.

Materialsammlung der Agrarsoziale Gesellschaft 136: 225


Accession: 000554614

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On the basis of a representative survey in three geographical regions of 1,251 part-time farmers with farming as the subsidiary occupation and 551 people who had once been part-time farmers, the following are dealt with: (1) results of the employers' questionnaire; (2) main occupation of part-time farmers; (3) occupation in agriculture; (4) situation of former part-time farmers and reasons for giving up the farm. Most part-time farmers have had poor education and training, have subordinate jobs in simple occupations with the highest risk of unemployment, are heavily burdened by their main occupation, and enjoy their work though they are not ambitious.

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