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The study of inheritance in the plum progenies

Acta Horticulturae: 67-78

The study of inheritance in the plum progenies

The following crosses were made: California Blue X Ruth Gerstetter; California Blue X Stanley and the reciprocal cross; Stanley X Ruth Gerstetter; Stanley X Ersinger Fruhzwetsche; Stanley X Silova Rana Stanley X Pozegaca; Pozegaca X Mount Royal; Pozegaca X Imperial; Pozegaca X Stanley; and Pozegaca X President.

Accession: 000555540

Related references

Zabrodina, S.N., 1984: Inheritance of economically useful fruit characteristics in hybrid progenies of myrobalan plum. About 190 intervarietal and interspecific hybrids were studied. From crosses between Prunus salicina cv. Skoroplodnaya and P. cerasifera varieties, plants with yellow-skinned fruits were obtained. The highest proportion of large fruits was obtaine...

Kegler, H.; Gruntzig, M.; Schimanski, H.H., 1991: On the resistance of the plum hybrid K4 and its F1 progenies to plum pox virus. Plum hybrid K4 reacts hypersensitively to infection by certain strains of plum pox potyvirus (PPV). When healthy and infected scions of 5 plum genotypes differing in their resistance to the virus were grafted on to healthy K4 rootstock, the health...

Kegler, H.; Gruntzig, M., 1992: The resistance of the plum hybrid K4 and its progenies to plum pox virus. The plum hybrid K4 does not become infected with plum pox potyvirus (PPV) in the field, but after graft inoculation with PPV (strain CG) it reacts with local necroses and the virus remains localized. PPV DI strains become systemic and cause mild l...

Zwintzscher, M., 1957: Contributions to the inheritance of frost reaction in fruit trees. I. The reaction of progenies of crosses of apple, pear, plum and cherry to the snow-free frost in February 1954. The results of observations of 3373 apple, 366 pear, 58 plum, 430 cherry and 18 pear x almond seedlings after the frosts of 1954 where temperatures of -20 degrees C. were prolonged, are presented. Seedlings of Cox tended to be susceptible, even wh...

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Xiao, S.Y.; Li, R.G.; Zhang, C.X., 1995: Study on the inheritance of four isoenzymes in F1 progenies of two citrus crosses. GOT [aspartate aminotransferase], SOD [superoxide dismutase], POX [peroxidase] and ME [malate dehydrogenase] isoenzymes were studied by PAGE in 30 seedlings from each of the crosses Clementine mandarin x natural hybrid Huahong and Clementine x Cit...

Wang LiRong; Zhu GengRui; Zuo QinYuan, 1996: Study on the inheritance of chilling requirement of crossed peach progenies. A study of chilling requirement in 463 seedlings from 9 crosses during 1992-95 showed that the chilling requirement of the hybrids was generally lower than the mean requirement of the parents. Chilling requirements of the parents were 159, 216, 31...

Neumuller, M.; Hartmann, W.; Stosser, R., 2007: Inheritance of hypersensitivity of European plum (Prunus x domestica L.) against Plum pox virus (PPV). The heritability of hypersensitivity of European plum (P. x domestica) against Plum pox virus (PPV) was investigated by screening the progenies of 25 different crossing combinations. The proportion of hypersensitive seedlings in the progenies was...

Fang, Y.F.; Zhang, F.F.; Wang, G.Q.; Li, D.; Li, S.Q.; Li, H.Y., 1989: Inheritance of some characters in naturally hybridized progeny from Plum 6 X Sui Ling Red Plum. A study of natural hybrid seedlings of Prunus salicina from the cross Plum 6 X Sui Ling Red Plum indicated that fruit colour and resistance to Polystigma rubrum were qualitative characters with apparent dominant inheritance, while cold resistance,...

Shih, C.F., 1993: A study on the growth and inheritance of 22-year old Schima superba Gardn. et Champ progenies. Seeds collected from 12 mother trees growing in various regions of Taiwan in autumn 1969 were sown in the Shiaping nursery of the National Taiwan University Forest in spring 1970. Height, circumference at breast height (CBH), clean bole length and...