The use of controlled-release formulations of the herbicide WL 63 611 in flowing water

Osgerby, J.M.

Proceedings 4th EWRC International Symposium on Aquatic Weeds, Vienna: 225-231


Accession: 000557253

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The controlled-release formulation was prepared by mixing WL 63 611 (cyanatryn) 10 or 20% wt./wt. with finely powdered kaolinite and a binding agent (hydrolysed polyvinyl acetate plus or minus sodium lignin sulphonate) 1% wt./wt., treating the mixture with water and extruding or compacting the paste to form pellets approximately 7 mm diam. X 15 mm long. The rate of release of the berbicide was shown to depend primarily on the rate of diffusion within the pellet and to be independent of water velocity, though the conc. produced downstream of the application point depended on the vol. of water flowing in unit time and the mass of herbicide used. In practice the use of these pellets has led to good control of a wide range of submerged weed species.