The use of corn fodder, its silage or corn stover as an animal feed. 1. Agronomical treatments for improving corn stover and grain yield

Soliman, S.M.; Habib, M.M.; Akkada, A.R.A.; Naga, M.A.

Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research 23(1): 15-20


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-7250
Accession: 000557255

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In field trials in 1968-9 at Alexandria, maize cv. American Early given 45 kg N/feddan in 3 split applications gave higher yields of grain and stover than that of maize given the same amount of N in 2 split applications. Spraying with atrazine at 1 kg/feddan, either pre-sowing or at 1 or 3 weeks after sowing, also increased the yields of grain and stover. Stover yields were higher for plants irrigated at 10- or 12-day intervals than for plants irrigated at 15-day intervals. [1 feddan = 0.42 ha].