Two grasses, Ischaemum ciliare (ratana) and Hyparrhenia rufa (faragua) , for fattening beef cattle in the humid tropics. 2. Digestibility in beef cattle

Rosas, H.; Quintero, S.O.; Gomez, J.

Investigaciones Agropecuarias, Universidad de Panama 1974/1975: 479-484


Accession: 000565772

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2. Digestibility of nutrients, based on DM, from local grasses was tested on 7 consecutive days in the rainy season with 12 Criollo and zebu cattle. Average values for digestibility of crude protein ranged from 33.33 to 64.51% for I. ciliare and from 15.32 to 52.00% for H. rufa; corresponding values for DM were from 48.70 to 65.98 and from 43.97 to 60.31%. Digestibility of organic matter and N-free extract was greater with I. ciliare; for other nutrients neither was consistently superior. The N balance was higher and always positive with I. ciliare and was sometimes negative with H. rufa; respective maximum values were 20.1 and 8.6 g/day.