Utilization of buffalo milk in Cheddar cheese making. II. The alteration of total solids in cheese milk

Nofal, A.A.; Nabil, N.; El Safty, M.S.; Ismail, A.A.

Egyptian Journal of Dairy Science 5(1): 11-15


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-2700
Accession: 000570035

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Cheddar cheese was made from buffaloes' milk (BM) or from a 1:1 mixture of BM and cows' milk (CM) adjusted to contain 11.5, 15 or 19% TS. After ripening for 180 days at 11 deg C, the BM and BM + CM cheeses made with milk containing 19% TS had higher moisture contents, titratable acidities and fat acidities and higher rates of protein breakdown than cheeses made from milk with lower TS contents. The cheese quality was also improved by the higher TS content, BM + CM cheese being slightly better than BM cheese.