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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 573

Chapter 573 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Koranne, K.D.; Gurmel Singh, 1977:
Varietal evaluation studies in wheat

Lakshmanan, A.; Panneerselvam, P.; Kuppusamy, G., 1976:
Varietal evaluation trial for rice in kuruvai season

Kharchenko, N.O.; Kononenko, A.G., 1974:
Varietal features of early and midseason melon varieties in the forest steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

Kandaurova, E.F.; Krylova, V.V., 1974:
Varietal features of self pollination in apple

Gusev, S.A.; Dan' kova, Z.I., 1976:
Varietal features of storage in seed potato

Roeeggen, O., 1978:
Varietal grouping of canning peas according to productivity during 1961-1974

Konarev, V.G.; Gavrilyuk, I.P.; Gubareva, N.K., 1976:
Varietal identification and the registration of genetic resources according to the electrophoretic spectrum of the gliadin

Valdeyron, G.; Valizadeh, M., 1976:
Varietal identification of figs, Ficus carica L., by electrophoretic study of enzymatic polymorphism

Walunjkar, W.G.; Singh, A.N.; Panikar, S.N., 1976 :
Varietal improvement in flue-cured Virginia tobacco - a review

Ogura, T.; Ueda, T., 1976:
Varietal improvement in oil palm

Rollier, M.; Regnalt, Y., 1976:
Varietal improvement in oilseed crops

Sinha, R.; Prasanna Simha Rao, G.S.B., 1976:
Varietal improvement in yield and quality of chewing tobacco Nicotiana tabacum L.) for north Bihar

Benitez, R.; Centurion, C.; Debricon, P.; Roux, J.B., 1975:
Varietal improvement of cotton in Paraguay

Watanabe, K., 1976:
Varietal improvement of forage crops in Japan

Rautou, S., 1975:
Varietal improvement of grain sorghum

Ramage, R.T., 1977:
Varietal improvement of wheat through male sterile facilitated recurrent selection

Sansavini, S.; Rosati, P., 1978:
Varietal improvement. Recent genetic acquisitions

Anonymous, 1976:
Varietal improvement. Starch content and root durability

Stanescu, Z.; Stefanescu, P.; Pamfil, G., 1975:
Varietal influence interacting with climate, fertilization and duration of growth on white-sugar yield and chemical composition of beet

Vanstallen, R., 1978:
Varietal influence on sugar loss due to respiration

Lotti, G.; Izzo, R.; Averna, V., 1972:
Varietal influence on the composition of the oil from olive seeds

Sanchez, P.C., 1975:
Varietal influence on the quality of Philippine rice cake (puto)

Vakula, V.S.; Daletskaya, V.N.; Kulibaba, Y.F.; Salov, S.I., 1976:
Varietal investigation on remontant carnation on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus

Stryckers, J.; Himme, M. van, 1974:
Varietal investigation with a wild oat herbicide

Bouchet, Y., 1976:
Varietal monitoring of sunflower seed

Huet, P.; Boyeldieu, J., 1976:
Varietal performance and behaviour of bread wheat in a long-term monoculture

Fisher, C.D.; Dobson, J.W., 1976:
Varietal performance and potential for alfalfa for north Georgia

Dhillon, B.S.; Singh, J.; Sethi, A.S., 1975:
Varietal performance as a measure of general combining ability in maize

Jha, H.N.; Bains, S.S., 1972:
Varietal performance in peas on a saline soil with high water table

Lagomarsino, E.D.; Prette, I.R.; Rodriguez Rey, J.C., 1975:
Varietal performance of Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv. (foxtail millet) in grain production

Singh, V.P.; Sharma, H.C.; Mahatim Singh, 1976:
Varietal performance of gram under rainfed conditions of Varanasi region

Singh, V.P.; Sharma, H.C.; Mahatim Singh, 1976:
Varietal performance of safflower under rainfed conditions of eastern Uttar Pradesh

Choudhury, S.; Wamanan, P., 1976:
Varietal performance of soya bean under three dates of sowing

Sharma, A.K.; Upadhyaya, Y.M., 1976:
Varietal performance of wheat under rainfed conditions

Doraiswamy, V.; Subramaniam, T.R.; Dakshinamurthy, A., 1976:
Varietal preference in sorghum for the weevil Sitophilus oryzae L

Branzanti, E.C.; Rosati, P., 1975:
Varietal problems in strawberry growing

Andersson, G., 1975:
Varietal purity examination and some related problems

Il' ina, G.V.; Kuznetsova, N.N., 1976:
Varietal radiosensitivity of wheat to gamma irradiation

Muhammad Riaz; Nawaz Bajwa, M., 1976:
Varietal reaction and chemical control of peanut wilt in Pakistan

Krishnamurthy, K.; Bommegowda, A.; Rajashekara, B.G.; Jagannath, M.K.; Raghunatha, G.; Venugopal, N.; Jayaram, G.; Prasad, T.V.R., 1973 :
Varietal reaction in sorghum to herbicides

Rath, G.C.; Mishra, D., 1975:
Varietal reaction of Phaseolus aureus to Sclerotium rolfsii

Muheet, A.; Chauhan, L.S., 1975:
Varietal reaction of groundnut to crown rot (Aspergillus niger)

Gupta, P.C.; Madaan, R.L.; Suhag, L.S., 1977:
Varietal reaction of guava fruits to Phytophthora nicotianae var. parasitica

Joi, M.B.; Mote, U.N.; Sonone, H.N., 1975:
Varietal reaction of peas to powdery mildew (Erysiphe polygoni DC.)

Sohi, H.S.; Sokhi, S.S.; Rawal, R.D., 1974:
Varietal reaction of peas to powdery mildew (Erysiphe polygoni) and rust (Uromyces fabae)

Dubey, L.N.; Joshi, R.D., 1976:
Varietal reaction of potato to leafspot disease

Raghunatha, G.; Jagannath, M.K.; Rajashekara, B.G.; Krishnamurthy, K., 1974:
Varietal reaction of sorghum to herbicides

Pandey, J.; Mani, V.S., 1977:
Varietal reaction of wheat to herbicides

Singh, B.P.; Pall, B.S.; Nema, A.G.; Deshkar, M.V., 1976:
Varietal reaction to blast of kangni

Mani, M.; Loganathan, N.S., 1977:
Varietal reaction to rice leaf folder, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee

Balagopal, C.; Devi, S.B.; Indrasenan, G.; Wilson, K.I., 1974:
Varietal reactions of ginger (Zingiber officinale R.) towards soft rot caused by Pythium aphanidermatum (Edson) Fetz

Kasarda, D.D.; Qualset, C.O.; Platt, S.G., 1973:
Varietal relationships of the alpha-gliadin proteins in wheat

Hosford, R.M.Jr, 1975:
Varietal resistance and fungal pathogenicity related to wet period

Gindrat, D.; Ducrot, V.; Caccia, R., 1977:
Varietal resistance and grafting: two methods of preventive control for tomato Fusarium wilt

Bhatia, S.K.; Singh, V.S.; Bansal, H.C., 1975:
Varietal resistance in barley grain to laboratory infestation of the rice weevil and the lesser grain borer

Jagtap, R.P., 1975:
Varietal resistance in cluster bean to Alternaria cyamopsidis in Maharashtra State

Kotasthane, S.R.; Merh, J.L.; Agrawal, S.C.; Singh, K.G., 1973:
Varietal resistance in linseed to rust (Melampsora lini)

Velusamy, R.; Janaki, I.P.; Swaminathan, R.; Subramanian, T.R., 1975:
Varietal resistance in rice to the white leafhopper (Cicadella spectra Distant)

Orellana Perez, P.; Giganarte Lagart, A., 1977:
Varietal resistance of arroz (Oryza sativa L.) to hoja blanca disease

Hino, T.; Tokeshi, H., 1976:
Varietal resistance of avocado to cercosporiosis and some observations on the disease cycle

Sivaprakasam, K.; Soumini Rajagopalan, C.K., 1975:
Varietal resistance of egg plant to Verticillium dahliae

Singh, D.V.; Singh, R.R.; Misra, A.N., 1975:
Varietal resistance of green gram (Phaseolus aureus) to Cercospora leaf spot

Doria, R.C.; Raros, R.S., 1973:
Varietal resistance of mungo to the bean weevil, Callosobruchus chinensis (Linn.) and some characteristics of field infestation

Menten, J.O.M.; Lordello, L.G.E.; Dall' Orto, F.A.C.; Ojima, M.; Regitano, O., 1977:
Varietal resistance of peaches (Prunus persica) to the nematodes Meloidogyne incognita and M. arenaria

Ibrahim, A.N.; Fadl, F.A.; Hussein, M.S., 1977:
Varietal resistance of peas and effect of fertilizers to certain root rot fungi

Kulikova, G.A., 1974:
Varietal resistance of potatoes in controlling Streptomyces scabies

Velusamy, R.; Janaki, I.P.; Subramanian, A.; Mohan, J.C., 1975:
Varietal resistance of rice to insect pests

Shibaeva, S., 1976:
Varietal resistance of spring wheat to loose smut

Penchukova, V.S., 1974:
Varietal resistance of spring wheat to races of Ustilago nuda

Ryasskii, V.V., 1976:
Varietal resistance of sweet and sour cherries to cherry leaf spot

Vlach, M.; Mraz, F.; Krystof, Z., 1976:
Varietal resistance of winter and spring wheat to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis f.sp. tritici)

Subramanian, K.S.; Vidhyasekaran, P.; Venkata Rao, A.; Narasimhan, V.; Raman, S.T., 1975:
Varietal resistance studies against the wilt disease of betelvine (Piper betle L.) in Tamil Nadu

Pak, P.V.; Iodko, I.I., 1976:
Varietal resistance to Botrytis cinerea in buckwheat

Kropis, E.P.; Smykov, V.K.; Shafir, G.M., 1975:
Varietal resistance to Monilia in apricot

Nazarova, V.M., 1974:
Varietal resistance to Pseudomonas lacrymans in cucumber

Singh, R.A., 1975:
Varietal resistance to Rhynchosporium leaf scald of rice

Mew, T.W.; Ho, W.C., 1976:
Varietal resistance to bacterial wilt in tomato

Perutik, R., 1976:
Varietal resistance to frit fly caryopsis attack in oat

Rao, V.S., 1974:
Varietal resistance to propazine in sorghum germplasm

Panda, N.; Samalog, A.P.; Reddy, T.G.; Mahakud, M.M., 1975:
Varietal resistance to rice gall midge

Rai, M., 1977 :
Varietal resistance to salinity in maize

Anonymous, 1974:
Varietal resistance to soil problems

Rossi, L.; Mosconi, C.; Marocchi, G., 1977:
Varietal resistance to some herbicides in Triticum durum and T. aestivum

Zaman, H.A.; Torab, A., 1978:
Varietal resistance to stem rot in rice

Grisenko, G.V.; Mironenko, A.M.; Parii, I.F.; Postrigan' , V.F., 1976:
Varietal resistance to the most widespread diseases in cereals

Potlaichuk, V.I.; Isin, M.M.; Dernovskaya, L.I., 1975:
Varietal resistance to wilt in some fruit crops

Anonymous, 1973:
Varietal resistance/tolerance to Striga

Korsakov, N.I., 1977:
Varietal resources of grain legumes

Kobylyanskii, V.D., 1977:
Varietal resources of rye

Dorofeev, V.F.; Barashkova, E.A.; Novikova, M.V., 1977:
Varietal resources of wheat in breeding for hardiness

Willey, L.A., 1975:
Varietal response in sugar beet to times of sowing and harvesting and the duration of the growing season

Gupton, C.L., 1975:
Varietal response of Burley tobacco to stage of physiological development when topped

Ouf, M.F.; Soliman, H.N., 1976:
Varietal response of certain cucurbits to a strain of alfalfa mosaic virus isolated from naturally infected squash plants

Naqvi, Q.A.; Mehmood, K.; Saxena, S.K., 1976:
Varietal response of certain vegetables against Launaea mosaic virus

Covolo, L.; Pulver, E.L., 1977:
Varietal response of eleven soybean cvs. to metribuzin

Muniyappa, V.; Reddy, H.R.; Shivashankar, G.; Sreekantaradhya, R., 1976:
Varietal response of greengram (Phaseolus aureus Roxb.) to the green-gram yellow mosaic disease

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J.; Bulcke, R., 1977:
Varietal response of pea cvs to herbicides

Pandya, R.B.; Khan, M.I.; Yadava, T.P., 1973:
Varietal response of raya (Brassica juncea Coss.) to different moisture regimes during germination

Viswesware Gowda, B.L.; Thontadarya, T.S., 1976:
Varietal response of sorghum to the midge, Contarinia sorghicola (Coquillet) (Diptera : Cecidomyiidae)

Gowda, B.L.V.; Thontadarya, T.S., 1975:
Varietal response of sorghum to the midge, Contarinia sorghicola (Coquillet) (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Rewari, R.B.; Jain, M.K.; Bhatnagar, R.S., 1973:
Varietal response of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) to different strains of Rhizobium japonicum

Kopecky, M., 1974:
Varietal response of spring barley to sowing date at different seed rates and N application rates

Arevalo, R.A.; Cerrizuela, E.A.; Olea, I., 1977:
Varietal response of sugar-cane to natural weed competition

Ashley, R.A., 1976:
Varietal response of sweet corn to procyazine and CGA-24705

Beni, G., 1978:
Varietal response to treatment against late fungus diseases of wheat with bayleton

Gowen, S.R., 1976:
Varietal responses and prospects for breeding nematode resistant banana varieties

Kopecky, M., 1976:
Varietal responses of spring barley to some agronomic practices in the sugar-beet growing region

Grewal, J.S.; Sikka, L.C.; Satyavir Singh; Saini, S.S., 1975:
Varietal responses to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium application

Denton, O.A.; Whittington, W.J., 1976:
Varietal responses to temperature in swedes

Plyusnina, R.A., 1975:
Varietal samples of cucumber resistant to false powdery mildew

Tengkano, W.; Vreden, G. van, 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to Agromyza phaseoli Coq. on soybean

Anonymous, 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to insect pests in foodcrops in Indonesia

Soejitno, J.; Soehardjan, M.; Ruhendi ; Vreden, G. van; Leeuwangh, J., 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to rice stem borers

Sama, S.; Saleh, K.M.; Halteren, P. van, 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to the aphid, Aphis glycines, in soybean

Soejitno, J.; Vreden, G. van, 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to the army worm, Spodoptera mauritia, in rice

Suartini ; Arlianti, R.; Siwi, S.S.; Vreden, G. van, 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens, on rice

Soehardjan, M.; Ruhendi ; Leeuwangh, J., 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to the leaf folder, Cnaphalocrosis medinalis, in rice

Soehardjan, M.; Ruhendi ; Leeuwangh, J., 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to the rice gallmidge

Tengkano, W.; Roovers, M.; Vreden, G. van, 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to the soybean bug, Riptortus linearis F

Tengkano, W.; Roovers, M.; Vreden, G. van, 1974:
Varietal screening for resistance to the soybean leafbeetle, Phaedonia inclusa Stal

Sinha, S.K.; Prasad, M., 1975:
Varietal screening of maize germ plasm against stalk rot pathogen Erwinia carotovora f. sp. zeae

Garg, R.C.; Ram, H.B.; Srivastava, R.K.; Singh, S.K., 1977:
Varietal screening of peaches for their suitability for canning

Pezzali, M., 1975:
Varietal seed production at the Cereal Research Institute, Rome. Work undertaken from 1969 to 1975

Anonymous, 1973:
Varietal selection

Vulsteke, G., 1975:
Varietal selection in peas for harvesting dry

Giunchedi, L.; Credi, R.; Albertini, A.; Colorio, G.; Nicolli, C., 1977:
Varietal sensibility of apricots and of various species of Prunus to plum pox

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J., 1975:
Varietal sensitivity of peas to herbicides

Alldredge, J.K.; Cohick, A.D., 1975:
Varietal sensitivity of postemergence applications of metribuzin on potatoes

Foschi, S.; Rapparini, G., 1975:
Varietal sensitivity of wheat to grasskillers

Mydlilova, E.; Zemanek, J., 1975:
Varietal sensitivity of winter wheat to herbicides in greenhouse trials

Prikryl, K.; Onderka, M.; Hoferkova, J., 1975:
Varietal sensitivity of winter wheat to low temperature and soil water content during emergence

Prikryl, K.; Onderka, M.; Hoferkova, J., 1975:
Varietal sensitivity to low temperature and soil moisture content during emergence. 1. Winter wheat

Alleweldt, G.; Pollak, V., 1976:
Varietal specificity of K uptake

Tokarev, B.I.; Shumnyi, V.K., 1976:
Varietal specificity of nitrate reductase activity in barley

Shumnyi, V.K.; Tokarev, B.I., 1976:
Varietal specificity of nitrate reductase activity in wheat

Czupryn, M.; Toczko, K., 1974:
Varietal specificity of soluble proteins in potato tubers

Rao, A.S.; Sampath, S.R., 1976:
Varietal studies on cowpea (Vigna sinensis)

Stino, G.R.; E.A.zouni, M.M.; Abdalla, K.M.; Mohsen, A.M., 1974:
Varietal studies on the stomatal frequency of citrus leaves in relation to zone of plantation in A. R. Egypt

Kuminov, E.P.; Kuminova, P.I., 1972:
Varietal study and breeding of strawberries in Krasnoyarsk

Terrettaz, R., 1976:
Varietal study of black currant

Terrettaz, R., 1975:
Varietal study of raspberries. Intermediate results from four years' observations

Sithanantham, S.; Shanmugam, A.; Letchoumanane, S., 1976:
Varietal susceptibility in sweet potato to the tobacco caterpillar (Spodoptera litura Fab.)

Bichina, T.I.; Gatina, E.S., 1976:
Varietal susceptibility of apple trees to San Jose scale and its integrated control

Veda, O.P.; Purohit, M.L.; Sood, N.K., 1975:
Varietal susceptibility of arhar (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) to Melanagromyza obtusa Mall.; Exelastis atomosa Wlsm. and Heliothis armigera Hub

Muthukrishnan, T.S.; Santhakumar, T.; Rajendran, G.; Chandrasekaran, J.; Sankaranarayanan, R.; Rajagopalan, P., 1975:
Varietal susceptibility of certain rootstocks to citrus nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans Cobb, 1913

Puttoo, B.L.; Singh, H.; Gupta, B.K., 1975:
Varietal susceptibility of grapes against anthracnose in Jammu

Catizone, P.; Viggiani, P., 1975:
Varietal susceptibility of hard wheat to herbicides

Sandhu, G.S.; Sohi, A.S.; Khangura, J.S.; Gupta, M.R., 1978:
Varietal susceptibility of plum cultivars to and chemical control of plum case worm

Chellappa, K.; Chelliah, S., 1976:
Varietal susceptibility of rice to infestation by Sitotroga cerealella Oliv., and Rhizopertha dominica Fab

Jakhmola, S.S.; Yadav, H.S., 1974:
Varietal susceptibility of sesamum (Sesamum indicum L.) to Antigastra catalaunalis Dup

Jani, S.M.; Bharodia, R.K., 1978:
Varietal susceptibility of sesamum (Sesamum indicum L.) to leaf curl disease

Rapparini, G.; Brunelli, A., 1975 :
Varietal susceptibility of soft wheat to herbicides

Liska, M.; Serbin, J.; Pavlik, E., 1977:
Varietal susceptibility of spring barley to Rynchosporium disease

Gatina, E.S.; Bespechal' naya, V.V., 1977:
Varietal susceptibility of sweet cherries to Bacillus mesentericus

Rawat, R.R.; Sahu, H.R., 1973:
Varietal susceptibility of wheat to the stem fly, Atherigona bituberculata Malloch (Anthomyiidae: Diptera)

Bobrysheva, M.N., 1976:
Varietal susceptibility to Ditylenchus dipsaci in strawberry

Bigger, M., 1975:
Varietal susceptibility to attack by cocoa insects

Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J., 1975:
Varietal susceptibility to herbicides

Vulsteke, G.; Himme, M. van, 1975:
Varietal susceptibility to herbicides in french beans and peas

Kono, A., 1977:
Varietal susceptibility to rust in peanut

Upadhyay, V.R.; Shah, A.H.; Desai, N.D., 1976:
Varietal susceptibility to the leaf miner

A.Ansary, M.M., 1974:
Varietal test of cotton at Abu-Ghraib

Anonymous, 1974:
Varietal testing of component crops

Ramamoorthi, K.; Bhattacharya, K., 1976:
Varietal tolerance in wheat to a selective herbicide, Dosanex

Mohamed Ali, A.; Sankaran, S., 1976:
Varietal tolerance of rice to herbicides

Katyal, J.C.; Seshu, D.V.; Shastry, S.V.S.; Freeman, W.H., 1975:
Varietal tolerance to low phosphorus conditions

Ivannikov, S.P.; Kazantsev, I.Y., 1974:
Varietal trial and propagation of poplars on the lower Volga

Anonymous, 1976:
Varietal trial in cigarette tobacco (newly evolved varieties) with topping v/s no topping

Kolontaevskaya, L.V., 1974:
Varietal trial of apples in Aktyubinsk province

Singh, J.P.; Relwani, L.L.; Raju, T.R.; Ashok Kumar; Mehta, A.K., 1974:
Varietal trial of bajra fodder varieties

Singh, J.P.; Relwani, L.L., 1975:
Varietal trial of bajra strains for fodder

Loginycheva, A.G., 1974:
Varietal trial of black currant

Singh, J.P.; Relwani, T.R.; Ashok Kumar; Mehta, A.K., 1974:
Varietal trial of different hybrids of Napier grass and bajra

Singh, J.P.; Relwani, L.L., 1975:
Varietal trial of different strains of Pennisetum pedicellatum along with jowar and bajra

Levina, M.P., 1974:
Varietal trial of fruit crops in south-east Kazakhstan

Kuminov, E.P., 1974:
Varietal trial of fruit crops in the Krasnodar region

Khalafov, L.Kh, 1976:
Varietal trial of garlic in the Kuba-Khachmas area of Azerbaijan

Zhukov, A.I., 1974:
Varietal trial of lupins on the leached chernozem soils of the Altai foothills zone

Nikitina, L.V.; Bobyleva, V.M., 1976:
Varietal trial of melon under small plastic cloches

Bharat Bushan; Relwani, L.L., 1974:
Varietal trial of multicut types of sorghum varieties on the yield and chemical composition of fodder

Sorensen, E.J.; Ding Ting Huung, 1974:
Varietal trial of onions in Cameron Highlands

Smirnov, I.A., 1975:
Varietal trial of poplars on saline soils

Rusak, S.F., 1974:
Varietal trial of quince in the Krasnodar region

Kudryashov, Y.S., 1975:
Varietal trial of radish under plastic in central Yakutia

Aleksandrova, G.D., 1974:
Varietal trial of stone fruits at the Leningrad experimental station of fruit and vegetable crops

Pokrovskaya, A.S., 1974:
Varietal trial of sweet cherry in Dagestan

Gorobtsova, G.N., 1975:
Varietal trial of vegetables for cultivation under cover

Kazakov, I.V., 1973:
Varietal trials and breeding of raspberry in the central regions of the nonchernozem zone

Yagudina, S.I., 1976:
Varietal trials and breeding of strawberry

Vulsteke, G., 1975:
Varietal trials in 1975 on peas for harvesting dry

Tomcsanyi, P.; Bodecs, L. ne, 1976:
Varietal trials of Jonathan clones

Shevchenko, V.I., 1973:
Varietal trials of apples at the Minusinsk station

Zahara, H.; Sunarjono, H., 1976:
Varietal trials of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.)

Kraker, J. de, 1976:
Varietal trials of dwarf French bean in early culture

Ven' yaminov, A.N.; Turovtseva, A.G., 1974:
Varietal trials of plum on sandy soil

Turovtsev, N.I., 1974:
Varietal trials of sweet cherry in the south of the Ukraine

Maddens, K.; Demeestere, G.; Denoo, A., 1975:
Varietal trials on fibre flax in 1975

Maddens, K., 1978:
Varietal trials with fibre flax in 1977

Anonymous, 1975:
Varietal trials with flax

Pedersen, K.E., 1976:
Varietal trials with maize for grain, 1973-75

Pedersen, K.E., 1976:
Varietal trials with maize for harvesting green, 1973-75

Pedersen, K.E., 1977:
Varietal trials with maize for harvesting green, 1974-76

Maddens, K., 1977:
Varietal trials with spring barley in 1977 and description of the most important cultivars

Bengtsson, A., 1976:
Varietal trials with sugar beet

Schmidt, L.; Mrackova, D.; Jaros, J., 1974:
Varietal trials with sugar beet seed in 1973

Maddens, K., 1977:
Varietal trials with winter barley in 1977 and description of the most important cultivars

Sekhon, K.S.; Sehgal, K.L.; Bakhshi, A.K.; Gill, K.S., 1977:
Varietal variation and location effects on some quality characters of wheat under low fertility conditions

Suzuki, S., 1978:
Varietal variation in anther and pollen abnormalities induced by cold treatment

Dhingra, R.P.; Singh, J.P.; Chitkara, S.D., 1973:
Varietal variations in physico-chemical characters of ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk)

Uzik, M., 1977:
Varietal yield stability in red clover

Anonymous, 1976:
Varietal-cum-manurial trial in light soils

Kiseleva, A.S., 1978:

Voitovich, K.A.; Buimistru, V.E.; Peresedov, I.N., 1974:
Varieties and forms of mildew-resistant grape showing high resistance to Phylloxera

Ceapoiu, N.; Eustatiu, N.; Draghici, L.; Cosmin, O.; Popa, G.; Vranceanu, V.; Vulpe, V.; Varga, P.; Kellner, E., 1975:
Varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops recommended for cultivation under irrigation

Tkachenko, N.N.; Turko, M.M., 1973:
Varieties and hybrids of cucumber bred at the Krymsk Experimental Breeding Station of the Institute of Plant Industry

Shul' gina, L.M.; Krilov, D.D.; Zhivotchenko, K.P.; Anrriyenko, Z.I., 1974:
Varieties and hybrids of cucumber for cultivation under plastic in the Khar'kov area

Bilets' ka, L.M., 1973:
Varieties and hybrids of cucumber for the hydroponic greenhouses of the Ukrainian SSR

Kordabovskaya, Z.S., 1973:
Varieties and hybrids of tomato for cultivation under artificial conditions

Hepler, R.W.; Fletcher, F.; Cordrey, T.D., 1975:
Varieties and methods of planting determined to use tomato harvester

Nozaki, M.; Wong, C.Y.; Chew, T.B., 1977:
Varieties and nitrogen application for rice double cropping in the Muda irrigation area of Malaysia

Ershov, I.I.; Agafonov, A.F., 1975:
Varieties and varietal populations of shallot for breeding purposes

Pakhomenkov, G.T., 1977:
Varieties for after-harvest cultivation

Lebl, D.O.; Yanat' ev, V.P.; Mavrodii, L.I., 1978:
Varieties for cultivation under plastic

Anonymous, 1975:
Varieties from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka lead in 2nd IRYN

Bradt, O.A.; Hutchinson, A.; Ricketson, C.L.; Tehrani, G., 1974:
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Varieties in the open in 1976

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Varieties of Brassica species promising in chemical composition

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Varieties of Brussels sprouts

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Varieties of Italian ryegrass

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Varieties of Pinus mugo

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Varieties of agricultural crops 1976

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Varieties of apple resistant to scab

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Varieties of barley 1974-76

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Varieties of barley, 1974-77

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Varieties of berry crops for large horticultural plantations in the Nonchernozem zone

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Varieties of bulb onions-spring sown

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Varieties of cauliflower

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Varieties of cocksfoot, 1972-76

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Varieties of cucumber in plastic greenhouses in Perm' province

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Varieties of cultivated plants and population density of insects

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Varieties of early potato

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Varieties of factory sugar beet, 1974-76

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Varieties of factory sugar beet, 1975-77

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Varieties of fibrous begonia for a flowering plant crop

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Varieties of fodder beet, 1972-74

Pedersen, K.E., 1977:
Varieties of fodder beet, 1974-76

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Varieties of fodder beet, 1975-77

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Varieties of fodder root crops 1976/7

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Varieties of fodder root crops bred at the Institute

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Varieties of grape used for wine. II

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Varieties of grass with increasing application of nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation 1968-71

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Varieties of horsebean, 1974-76

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Varieties of kikuyu

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Varieties of late cabbage for cultivation in the Stavropol' area without transplanting

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Varieties of maincrop carrots

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Varieties of meadow fescue, 1972-76

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Varieties of medium early and late potatoes

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Varieties of oats 1974-76

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Varieties of plum red rust found in Bulgaria

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Varieties of plum resistant to Polystigma rubrum and some indices of resistance

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Varieties of rice used for fodder and their cultivation

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Varieties of sour cherry adapted to intensive cultivation

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Varieties of spring rape, 1974-76

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Varieties of spring wheat resistant to diseases as initial material for breeding

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Varieties of sugar beet, 1972-74

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Varieties of sugar cane. A series of experiments carried out during the period 1970-1973

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Varieties of summer swede rape 1972-74

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Varieties of summer swede rape, 1974-76

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Varieties of sunflower and their dates of sowing in Tunisia

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Varieties of sweet corn

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Varieties of sweet pepper for canning

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Varieties of the Mliev station

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Varieties of two-rowed and six-rowed barley for the beer-making industry

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Varieties of vegetable crops

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Varieties of winter barley with high field resistance to Puccinia hordei and Erysiphe graminis

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Varieties of winter cereals resistant to the hessian fly

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Varieties of winter rape, 1974-76

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Varieties of winter wheat for the central-S. zone of Chile

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Varieties of winter wheat, 1974-76

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Varieties of winter wheat, 1975-77

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Varieties of yellow mustard, 1972-75

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Varieties resistant to unfavourable conditions

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Varieties, seeds and mixtures of bird's-foot trefoil

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Variety Primor 1 (progeny from a 4th backcross) - its origin and productivity

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Variety X environmental interactions in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) tests in Korea

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Variety and area performance

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Variety and nitrogen fertilizer trials with annual ryegrass (Lolium westerwoldicum)

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Variety and planting-date trials of spring and fall field-seeded onions in the rolling plains of Texas

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Variety and stock interactions in southern Illinois

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Variety and yield of winter wheat in the Podol'e area of the Ukraine

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Variety building in horse gram

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Variety changes and multiplication of potatoes in Austria in the years 1960 to 1975

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Variety comparison of peas for growth development and yields in Erzurum

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Variety construction for high yield quality and early maturity in velvet beans

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Variety descriptions and comments

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Variety descriptions of agricultural crop plants

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Variety development in swede rape

Anonymous, 1976:
Variety has growers aglow

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Variety identification by 'proteinprints'

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Variety list for sweet cherries

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Variety of 2,4-D metabolic pathways in plants: its significance in developing analytical methods for herbicide residues

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Variety of European species of Vitis vinifera L., Dzhanazhal Kara, resistant to oidium

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Variety performance 1974-1975 season

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Variety performance trials of dwarf French beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Variety registration

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Variety studies in soyabean 1966-1973

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Variety synthesis for high fodder yield, seed yield and quality in lucerne

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Variety testing for National and Recommended Lists in England and Wales

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Variety tests

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Variety tests (a preliminary report)

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Variety tests of American Upland cotton, 1965 to 1974

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Variety tests pinpoint the best hybrids

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Variety trial of coffee (Coffea arabica L.)

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Variety trial of grain maize

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Variety trial on wheat

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Variety trial with early carrots under plastic film 1976

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Variety trial with fibre flax in 1974

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Variety trial with large-fruited elder II

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Variety trial with lettuces

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Variety trial with red beet cultivars

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Variety trial with sugar beet for manufacturing 1970-73

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Variety trials

Anonymous, 1976:
Variety trials - variety certification 1973

Anonymous, 1975:
Variety trials - variety certification 1974

Anonymous, 1977:
Variety trials - variety certification 1975

Anonymous, 1978:
Variety trials are the bottleneck in the experimental work with cereals

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Variety trials in southern Norway during 1976

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Variety trials of cocksfoot, 1962-74

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Variety trials of column stocks

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Variety trials of glasshouse tomatoes at the Besor Experiment Station, 1975/76

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Variety trials of greenhouse tomatoes in Rogaland, 1972-76

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Variety trials of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.)

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Variety trials of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). I. First year

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Variety trials with Campanula 1970-1974

Anonymous, 1976:
Variety trials with bedding and bush roses

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Variety trials with black currants

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Variety trials with black currants at the Duksto sub-station

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Variety trials with black currants in the Crimea

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Variety trials with black currants, during the years 1959-1969 at the Horticultural Department and Research Station

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Variety trials with blackberries

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Variety trials with chrysanthemums

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Variety trials with courgettes

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Variety trials with early forced cucumbers, 1975

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Variety trials with fodder beet 1970-73

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Variety trials with glasshouse lettuces for the late spring crop 1976

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Variety trials with glasshouse tomato at the Tveit agricultural college 1973-75

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Variety trials with meadow fescue

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Variety trials with outdoor chrysanthemums for cut flowers

Anonymous, 1975:
Variety trials with peas, 1972-74

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Variety trials with perennial ryegrass 1970-1976

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Variety trials with perpetual flowering carnations on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus

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Variety trials with potatoes 1966-1976

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Variety trials with potatoes at lower areas of Hedmark and Oppland 1967-1973

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Variety trials with potatoes, 1973-1975

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Variety trials with sour cherries at the Pavlovsk Experiment Station of VIR

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Variety trials with sugar-beet seed in 1975

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Variety trials with white clover, 1971-1976

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Variety trials with winter-flowering begonias (Begonia X cheimantha)

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Variety, standing crop and net community productivity of the vegetation on a hard ground and stabilized dunes near Pilani, Rajasthan

Anonymous, .:
Variety-cum-spacing-cum-fertilizer trial

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Variety-growth regulator effects on pecan rootstocks

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Variety-line and interline hybridization of maize

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Variety-line hybrids of maize bred at the Altai Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture

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Variety-nitrogen interaction in some of the newly evolved high yielding rice varieties

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Variety-specific electrophoretic variants of four soybean enzymes

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Variety-specificity of soluble proteins of potato tubers

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Variotrac, a new Norwegian crawler tractor

Bijl, J., 1976:
Various alliums are excellent cut flowers; they are long lasting in water and often stand up well to cold storage

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Various apple planting systems

Hengeveld, A.G., 1977:
Various aspects of chopping of pre-wilted herbage

Pannetier, C.; Lanaud, C., 1976:
Various aspects of the possible use of in vitro culture for vegetative propagation of Ananas comosus, cv. Smooth Cayenne

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Various characteristics of very early apple cultivars for off-season apple production

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Various conditions affecting the group effect in honeybees. The role of anaesthetics

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Various consumer taste requirements

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Various cultivation and fertilization practices. 2. Their effect on plant stand, root yield, sugar yield and sugar content

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Various diluents and fertility in guinea-fowl

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Various factors affecting the level of prolactin in ewes

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Various factors affecting the reproductive performance of cows at large farms

Davey, R.B.; Meisch, M.V.; Gray, D.L.; Martin, J.M.; Sneed, K.E.; Williams, F.J., 1975:
Various fish species as biological control agents for the dark rice field mosquito in Arkansas rice fields

Kiermeier, P., 1976:
Various forms of Turkish hazel (Corylus colurna)

Othieno, C.O.; Machaga, J.S.E., 1977:
Various forms of mulch and the growth of younger tea

Tarczynski, S.; Romaniuk, K., 1975:
Various formulations of Banminth in the treatment of common parasitoses of ruminants

Milde, H., 1977:
Various good points considered. Suitable substrates for bedding and balcony plants

Rudinsky, J.A., 1976:
Various host-insect interrelations in host-finding and colonization behavior of bark beetles on coniferous trees

Koch, H.G., 1976:
Various late flows

Giordani, G., 1976:
Various methods of crossbreeding in poultry

Austin, M.E., 1971:
Various methods of harvesting sweet potatoes

Muro, A. di, 1976:
Various plants resistance to root-knot tobacco nematodes

Muro, A. di, 1976:
Various plants resistant to tobacco root-knot nematodes

Skuterud, R., 1977:
Various spraying and cultivation times in cereal crops

Skuterud, R., 1976:
Various spraying and cultivation times in cereals

Rykovskij, A.S., 1976:
Various types of forest hunting grounds as the habitat of interinfection with helminths of wild and domestic animals

Zabeltitz, C. von, 1976:
Various ways of using solar energy for greenhouse heating

Grobov, O.F., 1976:
Varroa disease in honey bees

Orosi Pal, Z., 1975:
Varroa found in the Americas

Orosi Pal, Z., 1976:
Varroa has crossed the Carpathian Mountains

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Varroa jacobsoni

Grobov, O.F., 1976:
Varroasis in bees

Smirnov, A.M.; Simetskii, M.A.; Kudryavtsev, E.A., 1976:
Varroatin and bees

Rieck, G.W., 1977:
Varying genital defects as a result of genuine XX/XY mosaicism in single-born cattle

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Varying levels of high-protein oats in diets for growing-finishing swine

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Varying planes of feeding and productivity of sheep

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Varying structure of EEC dairy industries. Parts I and II

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Vasanthanagar: development work in an Indian village

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Vascular alterations and degranulation of eosinophil leucocytes in bovine eosinophilic myositis

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Vascular anatomy of cotton carpels as revealed by digestion in ruminal fluid

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Vascular anatomy of the flower and its bearing on the morphological nature of the nectar disk in the family Leguminosae

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Vascular anatomy of the gynoecium and its bearing upon the origin of the Compositae

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Vascular and general anatomy of the rootstocks of three stemless Viola species

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Vascular and mucosal changes in the gastro-intestinal tract after experimental colitoxin and neurotoxin shock in pigs

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Vascular arrangement in the skin of tropical cattle

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Vascular bacterial flora of potato tubers of southern Chile

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Vascular blockage and its inhibition in cut rose flowers

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Vascular clearance of blastospore and pseudomycelial phase Candida albicans

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Vascular damage caused by Cruorifilaria tuberocauda in the capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris)

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Vascular disease and serum glycoproteins in diabetics

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Vascular diseases caused by fungi in vegetable crops in the glasshouse

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Vascular flora of Barnes and Stutsman Counties, North Dakota

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Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 3. Salicaceae

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Vascular lesions in epiphysiolysis capitis femoris in swine

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Vascular perfusion of rat small intestine: metabolic studies with isolated and in situ preparations

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Vascular physiology of the coconut palm

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Vascular plant production in the maritime Antarctic

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Vascular plants of Aitutaki

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Vascular plants of Nahanni National Park and vicinity, North west Territories

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Vascular plants of northern Koryak Range

Leigh, J.H.; Mulham, W.E., 1977:
Vascular plants of the Riverine plain of New South Wales with notes on distribution and pastoral use

Shchelkunova, R.P., 1976:
Vascular plants of the area of musk ox introduction (eastern approaches to Lake Taimyr)

Simone, G.W.; Paxton, J.D., 1975:
Vascular plugging in brown stem rot of soybean

Robinson, N.E.; Dabney, J.M.; Weidner, W.J.; Jones, G.A.; Scott, J.B., 1975:
Vascular responses in the equine digit

Wickremasinghe, R.L.; Perera, B.P.M.; Vythilingam, M.K., 1975:
Vascular restriction as the cause of 'Dimbula disease' of tea (Camellia sinensis) bushes

Byrne, P.N., 1976:
Vascular-streak dieback of cocoa in Papua New Guinea and Peninsular Malaysia

Anderson, B.G.; Anderson, W.D., 1977:
Vasculature of the equine and canine iris

Rudnicki, R.M.; Nowak, J., 1976:
Vase-life of Gerbera jamesonii Bolus cut flowers depending upon; media, mineral nutrition, their morphological attributes and treatment with flower preservative

Pawlik, W.; Bowen, J.C.; Jacobson, E.D., 1977:
Vasoactive and metabolic effects of gastrointestinal hormones in the intestine

Laburthe, M.; Bataille, D.; Rosselin, G., 1977:
Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP): variation of the jejuno-ileal content in the developing rat as measured by radioreceptorassay

Dupont, C.; Besson, J.; Laburthe, M.; Bataille, D.; Rosselin, G., 1977:
Vasoactive intestinal peptide in the plasma and intestine of children. Estimation by radioimmunology and by radioreceptors

Lhoste, M.C.; Rodriguez, J., 1974:
Veal in Aveyron: characteristics of and prospects for Production

Borghese, A.; Romita, A.; Giacomo, A. di, 1974:
Veal production from 6-mth-old Friesians. 1. Growth rate, dressing percentage and prediction of carcass composition

Anonymous, 1977:
Veal production survey: results as at January 1st 1977

Kramer, L.D.; Scherer, W.F., 1976:
Vector competence of mosquitoes as a marker to distinguish Central American and Mexican epizootic from enzootic strains of Venezuelan encephalitis virus

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Vector control in Southeast Asia. Proceedings of the First SEAMEO Workshop, Singapore, August 17-18, 1972

Kim, D.C., 1975:
Vector of Brugia malayi in Kyungsangbuk-Do, Korea

A.A.awi, B.M.; Abul Hab, J., 1976:
Vector potential of Phlebotomus papatasi Scopli., sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) to kala-azar in Baghdad area

Molyneux, D.H., 1977:
Vector relationships in the Trypanosomatidae

Raimo, B.; Reardon, R.C.; Podgwaite, J.D., 1977:
Vectoring gypsy moth nuclear polyhedrosis virus by Apanteles melanoscelus (Hym.: Braconidae)

Hati, A.K., 1976:
Vectors of Japanese encephalitis

Ramalingam, S., 1975:
Vectors of Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia malayi in the South and Southeast Asian regions: their distribution, biology and control

Das, M., 1976:
Vectors of filaria with special reference to India

Ledger, J.A., 1977:
Vectors of leishmaniasis in South West Africa

Nault, L.R., 1976:
Vectors of maize viruses

Becquer, A.; Bencomo, I., 1974:
Vectors of the banana mosaic virus

Kostiw, M., 1976:
Vectors of viruses and mycoplasmas occurring on potato

Anonymous, 1978:
Veg marketing special

Anonymous, 1974 :
Vegetable Storage

Anonymous, 1976:
Vegetable and cucurbit crops

Frankel, R., 1977:
Vegetable breeding methodology for desert regions

Giesen, H.J., 1978:
Vegetable crop breeding in New Zealand

Anonymous, 1976:
Vegetable crop disease reports

Anonymous, 1977:
Vegetable crop disease reports

Anonymous, 1978:
Vegetable crop disease reports

Tindall, H.D., 1977:
Vegetable crops

Pahlen, A. von der; Noda, H.; Oliveira, W.S. de, 1976:
Vegetable crops in the Amazon

Choudhury, B., 1974:
Vegetable crops in the tropics

Anonymous, 1976:
Vegetable cultivars 1976

Adam, C.S., 1976:
Vegetable cultivars recommended for Seychelles

Nagy, J., 1976:
Vegetable forcing in containers

Spackman, E.W., 1974:
Vegetable garden insect control

Devine, E.S. (Reviser), 1977:
Vegetable growing and harvesting on the bed system

Ceausescu, I.; Poli, V., 1974:
Vegetable growing in the Socialist Republic of Romania

Balazs, S.; Filius, I., 1977:
Vegetable growing in the home garden

Grubben, G.J.H., 1975:
Vegetable growing in the tropics and subtropics on the increase

Zangerle, K.H., 1976:
Vegetable growing in walk-in tunnels

Kreig, K.H., 1977:
Vegetable growing under plastic and with slow release fertilizers

Somos, A., 1974:
Vegetable growing under plastics in Hungary

Mital, S.P.; Dabas, B.S.; Thomas, T.A.; Chopra, D.P., 1977:
Vegetable guar selections of promise

Gorini, F., 1978:
Vegetable list. 1. Fruiting vegetables. 1.10. Peas

Gorini, F., 1978:
Vegetable list. 1. Fruiting vegetables. 1.11. Mangetout peas

Gorini, F., 1978:
Vegetable list. 2. Leafy vegetables. 2. 11. Welsh onion (vegetable of secondary importance)

Gorini, F., 1977:
Vegetable list. 2. Leafy vegetables. 2.10. Leek

Gorini, F., 1978:
Vegetable list. 2. Leafy vegetables. 2.12. Chives. (vegetable of secondary importance)

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable list. 2. Leafy vegetables. 2.9. Fennel

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable list. 3. Bulb vegetables. 3.1. Garlic

Gorini, F., 1978:
Vegetable list. 4. Root vegetables. 4.4. Spanish oyster plant (a vegetable of secondary importance)

Gorini, F., 1978:
Vegetable list. 4. Root vegetables. 4.5. Scorzonera (a vegetable of secondary importance)

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable list. 6. Flowering vegetables. 6.2. Cauliflower

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable list. 7. Shoot vegetables. 7.1 Asparagus

Gorini, F., 1977:
Vegetable list. 8. Aromatic leafy vegetables 8.1 Spearmint

Pili, T.C.; Guevarra, N.C., 1976:
Vegetable marketing, Canlaon area

Anonymous, 1976:
Vegetable marrows and courgettes

Lamberti, F., 1975:
Vegetable nematology laboratory, Bari. Report of scientific activity for 1974

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable notes. 1. Fruiting vegetables. 1.2. Cape gooseberry

Gorini, F., 1977:
Vegetable notes. 1. Fruiting vegetables. 1.5 Marrow

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable notes. 1. Fruiting vegetables. 1.6. Cucumber

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable notes. 2. Leafy vegetables. 2.4 Dill (vegetables of secondary importance)

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable notes. 2. Leafy vegetables. 2.7. Cardoon

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable notes. 2. Leafy vegetables. 2.8. Spinach beet

Gorini, F., 1976:
Vegetable notes. 3. Bulb vegetables. 3.2. Onion

Gorini, F., 1977:
Vegetable notes. 4. Root vegetables. 4.3. Carrot

Gorini, F., 1978:
Vegetable notes. 6. Flowering vegetables. 6.3. Sprouting broccoli

Anonymous, 1975:
Vegetable parchment for wrapping dairy products

Boa, W.; Lindsay, R.T., 1976:
Vegetable preparation, cooling and storage

Szikszai, I., 1977:
Vegetable production as reflected in the data

Gerst, J.J., 1977:
Vegetable production in Alsace

Vlcek, F., 1975:
Vegetable production in Czechoslovakia - present state and trends

Peron, J.Y., 1976:
Vegetable production in Maine-et-Loire

Fisher, G.A., 1975:
Vegetable production in Ontario. Production costs for 1974

Lambert, M., 1975:
Vegetable production in the Pacific Islands

Chandrasekhara, M.R., 1975:
Vegetable protein for combating protein malnutrition in developing countries

Muermans, L., 1977:
Vegetable purchasing by Belgian households in 1975

Anothai Choomsai, M.L.; Kasem Piluk; Chalongchai Babprasert; Bunjird Khatikarn, 1973:
Vegetable seed production

Grooters, G.T., 1974:
Vegetable seed production in the Netherlands

Webster, T., 1974:
Vegetable varieties - why distinct, uniform and stable?

Anonymous, 1976:
Vegetable varieties 1976

Perceali, G., 1975:
Vegetable varieties from the world collection which perform well in the growing conditions of Romania

Chowings, J.W., 1974:
Vegetable variety performance trials technique - brassica crops

Chowings, J.W., 1975:
Vegetable variety performance trials technique - celery, lettuce, leeks, onions and sweet corn

Chowings, J.W., 1976:
Vegetable variety performance trials technique - dwarf French beans and vining peas

Anonymous, 1975:
Vegetable variety trial results in Florida for 1972-73-74 and recommended varieties

Dinkel, D.H.; Ginzton, L.M., 1976:
Vegetable variety trials

Wienberg, D.; Seidel, H., 1973:
Vegetable variety trials in southern Spain

Turner, J.L.; Bryce, H., 1975:
Vegetable variety trials, 1975

Sharma, R.K.; Sengupta, K.; Pachauri, D.C., 1976:
Vegetable yield in dwarf French-bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) affected by nitrogen and phosphorus

Anonymous, 1977:

Unklesbay, Nan, 1978:

Kiver, F.V.; Kiver, G.F., 1977:
Vegetables as a catch crop

Randhawa, K.S., 1975:
Vegetables as suitable intercrops with sugarcane

Umpelby, R.A.; Sly, J.M.A., 1976:
Vegetables for human consumption 1972

Anonymous, 1976:
Vegetables for processing

Martin, F.W.; Delpin, H., 1978:
Vegetables for the hot, humid tropics. Part 1. The winged bean, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Nath, P., 1976:
Vegetables for the tropical region

Thrower, L.B., 1978:
Vegetables in tropical Africa. Part 1. Origins and introductions

Thrower, L.B., 1978:
Vegetables in tropical Africa. Part 2. Crop production and improvement

Sadykov, V.M.; Bekirov, R.E., 1972:
Vegetables, fruit and berries as sources of larval taeniasis in man

Lyon, L.J., 1976:
Vegetal development on the Sleeping Child burn in western Montana, 1961 to 1973

Curtis, W.R., 1971:
Vegetating strip-mine spoils for runoff and erosion control

Murray, D.; Moffett, D., 1977:
Vegetating the uranium mine tailings at Elliot Lake, Ontario

Shaw, R.B.; Dodd, J.D., 1975:
Vegetation and cattle responses following patterned herbicide applications

Duncan, D.A., 1975:
Vegetation and cattle responses to fertilization and season of grazing at the San Joaquin Experimental Range, California

Stocker, M.; Gilbert, F.F., 1977:
Vegetation and deer habitat relations in southern Ontario: application of habit classification to white-tailed deer

Ayyad, M.A., 1976:
Vegetation and environment of the western Mediterranean coastal land of Egypt. 4. The habitat of non-saline depressions

Garrison, G.A.; Bjugstad, A.J.; Duncan, D.A.; Lewis, M.E.; Smith, D.R., 1977:
Vegetation and environmental features of forest and range ecosystems

Stoddart, D.R., 1975:
Vegetation and floristics of the Aitutaki Morus

Howard, V.W.J.; DeLorenzo, D.G., 1975:
Vegetation and food habits of Mexican bighorn sheep in the Game-Coin Enclosure near Red Rock

Ramia, M.; Montes, R., 1975:
Vegetation and land use of Payarita settlement (Middle Apure)

Sims, P.L.; Dahl, B.E.; Denham, A.H., 1976:
Vegetation and livestock response at three grazing intensities on sandhill rangeland in eastern Colorado

Smith, J.M.B., 1977:
Vegetation and microclimate of east- and west-facing slopes in the grasslands of Mt. Wilhelm, Papua New Guinea

Stransky, J.J., 1976:
Vegetation and soil response to clearcutting and site preparation in East Texas

Anonymous, 1975:
Vegetation and the atmosphere. Volume 1. Principles

Monteith, J.L. (Editor), 1976:
Vegetation and the atmosphere. Volume 2. Case studies

Johnson, P.N., 1976:
Vegetation associated with kakapo (Strigops habroptilus Gray) in Sinbad Gully, Fiordland, New Zealand

Dihoru, G.; Cristurean, I.; Andrei, M., 1972:
Vegetation between the Mraconia Valley and the Dubova depression in the Danube defile

Stritzke, J.F.; McMurphy, W.E., 1975:
Vegetation changes associated with brush control and aerial seeding to fescue

Cwik, M.J.; Dodd, J.D., 1975:
Vegetation changes on an old rice field following herbicide treatment

Murphy, A.H.; Heady, H.F.; Menke, J.W., 1976:
Vegetation changes produce benefits

Kaleta, M., 1975:
Vegetation conditions in the area of Jelsava with respect to atmospheric pollution

Palm, H.L.; Finnerty, D.W., 1976:
Vegetation control in conifers with DPX-3674 in the midwest

Schumacher, R.W.; Kern, A.D., 1976:
Vegetation control on aquatic sites with glyphosate

Johnston, D.N., 1974:
Vegetation control problems on railroad rights-of-way

Byrd, B.C.; Wright, W.G.; Warren, L.E., 1974:
Vegetation control with 3,5,6-trichloropyridyloxyacetic acid

Byrd, B.C.; Wright, W.G.; Warren, L.E., 1975:
Vegetation control with Dowco 233 Herbicide

Bilyik, G.I.; Osichnyuk, V.V.; Tkachenko, V.S., 1975:
Vegetation cover of the Khomutovskaya steppe as presented by large-scale mapping

Bradbury, I.K.; Hofstra, G., 1976:
Vegetation death and its importance in primary production measurements

McCune, B., 1977:
Vegetation development on a low elevation talus slope in western Montana

Malanjin, A.N.; Zaugolnova, L.B.; Vorontsova, L.I.; Smetana, N.G., 1974:
Vegetation distribution within the Tersek-Karagay area as related to the mantle of soil

Dodson, J.R., 1975:
Vegetation history and water fluctuations at Lake Leake, south-eastern South Australia. II. 50 000 B.P. to 10 000 B.P

Bradbury, D.E., 1974:
Vegetation history of the Ramona Quadrangle, San Diego County, California (1931-1972)

Anonymous, 1977:
Vegetation in relation to soil type

Ffolliott, P.F.; Thorud, D.B., 1975:
Vegetation management for water and range improvement

Fischer, B.B., 1976:
Vegetation management in orchard and vineyards

Fischer, B.B., 1975:
Vegetation management in tomato and pepper production

Knight, M.J., 1977:
Vegetation management programs on California National Forest land

Fischer, B.B.; May, D.M.; Hoyle, B.J.; Johnson, D.E., 1974:
Vegetation management studies. A progress report 1974. Tomatoes and peppers

Rivas Martinez, S., 1975:
Vegetation map of Avila Province

Hesjedal, O., 1975:
Vegetation mapping at Hardangervidda

Dick, R.S., 1972:
Vegetation mapping at large scales. Examples from southeastern Queensland

Benson, M.L., 1974:
Vegetation mapping from colour aerial photography, Norfolk Island case study

Labriola, J.A.; Baer, C.H., 1974:
Vegetation mapping of Greenland Gap, Grant County, West Virginia

Qvortrup, S.A.; Blankenship, L.H., 1975:
Vegetation of Kekopey, a Kenya cattle ranch

Shikhemirov, M.G., 1975:
Vegetation of Kusar zone of the River Samur basin

Hodisan, I.; Moldovan, I.; Hodisan, V.; Crisan, A., 1974:
Vegetation of Morilor valley (Zlatna)

Ying, S.S., 1974:
Vegetation of Mt. Pei-Ta-Wu-Shan

Fonda, R.W.; Bernardi, J.A., 1976:
Vegetation of Sucia Island in Puget Sound, Washington

Schmid, M., 1974:
Vegetation of Vietnam. The South-Annam Massif and the bordering regions

Sharitz, R.R.; Irwin, J.E.; Christy, E.J., 1974:
Vegetation of swamps receiving reactor effluents

Mitchell, R.; Moir, W., 1976:
Vegetation of the Abbott Creek Research Natural Area, Oregon

Hilbig, W.; Schamsran, Z., 1977:
Vegetation of the Chovd Aimak, Mongolia

Marinov, M.D.; Fakirov, V., 1977:
Vegetation of the Danube islands, from the standpoint of classifying the inundated lands according to the duration of inundation

Lavarack, P.S.; Stanton, J.P., 1977:
Vegetation of the Jardine River catchment and adjacent coastal areas

Moral, R. del; Deardorff, D.C., 1976:
Vegetation of the Mima Mounds, Washington State

Wilson, H.D., 1976:
Vegetation of the Mount Cook National Park New Zealand

Walter, H., 1973:
Vegetation of the earth in relation to climate and the eco-physiological conditions

Bagnall, R.G., 1975:
Vegetation of the raised beaches at Cape Turakiraw, Wellington, New Zealand

Stanyukovich, K.V.; Sultonov, S., 1975:
Vegetation of the valley of river Garm-Chashma (Badakhshan)

Balcerkiewicz, S., 1976:
Vegetation of the well-head area of Struga Tetynnska in the Mysliborz Lake District. Forest and shrub communities

Paiero, P.; Lorenzoni, G.G.; Wolf, U., 1975:
Vegetation of the western section of the foothills of the Julian Alps. Note illustrating the forest vegetation map of the Chiampon-Cuel de Lanis range

Dhien, R., 1973:
Vegetation on higher carboniferous sandstone in the Nievre

Goldin, A.; Nimlos, T.J., 1977:
Vegetation patterns on limestone and acid parent materials in the Garnet Mountains of western Montana

Nikiforov, M.N., 1976:
Vegetation period and productivity of spring wheat under conditions of the Kuban' River area

Cable, D.R.; Martin, S.C., 1975:
Vegetation responses to grazing, rainfall, site condition, and mesquite control on semidesert range

Knapp, R., 1976:
Vegetation science (sociological geobotany)

Gil' manov, T.G., 1976:
Vegetation submodel in the total model of a grassland ecosystem (with special reference to its underground parts)

Ubaldi, D., 1971:
Vegetation survey of Vergato (Reno Valley) for a vegetation map

Smith, F.G., 1974:
Vegetation survey of Western Australia. Vegetation map. Collie SI 50-6

Pires, J.M., 1974:
Vegetation types in Amazonia

Anonymous, 1972:
Vegetation types: virgin jungle reserves

Richard, J.L., 1975:
Vegetation units in the Clos du Doubs (Swiss Jura)

Walter, H., 1977:
Vegetation zones and climate

Nordin, J.O.; Grigal, D.F., 1976:
Vegetation, site and fire relationships within the area of the Little Sioux fire, northeastern Minnesota

Drew, L.A., 1974:
Vegetation-environment relationships in the prairie-forest transition zone in Minnesota

Ramirez G.C.; Westermeier H.R.; Henriquez F.O., 1977:
Vegetational changes which alter the estimation of presence and cover in meadow communities in the tenth region of Chile

Ishida, R.; Shimamura, M.; Oikawa, M., 1974:
Vegetational structure of sown grassland. 4. Relation between basal coverage and yield of cocksfoot sward

Ishida, R., 1975:
Vegetational structure of sown grassland. 5. Changes in the number of tillers per unit area and relation between number of tillers and yields in some grass species

Baas, P., 1975:
Vegetative anatomy and the affinities of Aquifoliaceae, Sphenostemon, Phelline and Oncotheca

Koch, H.J., 1974:
Vegetative and reproductive behaviour of different apple scion-rootstock combinations

Stoyanov, S.; Velchev, V., 1977:
Vegetative and reproductive behaviour of plants of the strawberry cultivar Surprise des Halles treated with beta-naphthyl acetic acid

Henze, J.; Hilkenbaumer, F., 1975:
Vegetative and reproductive development of Schattenmorelle trees on F12/1 rootstocks, with crowns trained in different ways

Degras, L., 1977:
Vegetative and sexual management in food yam improvement

Pangallo, G.S., 1977:
Vegetative characters of some populations of Gigante Lodigiano Ladino white clover (Trifolium repens L. var. giganteum Lagr. Fosset)

Blondel, A.M.; Blanc, D., 1975:
Vegetative disorders in Corsican citrus. Demonstration of a molybdenum deficiency by the in vivo assay of nitrate reductase activity

Blondel, A.M.; Blanc, D., 1975:
Vegetative disorders of citrus in Corsica. Molybdenum deficiency demonstrated by in vivo assay of nitrate reductase activity

Forshey, C.G., .:
Vegetative growth control in apple trees

Forshey, C.G., 1976:
Vegetative growth control of young apple trees

Nascimento Junior, D.; Pinheiro, J.S., 1975:
Vegetative growth of Jaragua grass

Sweeney, F.C.; Hopkinson, J.M., 1975:
Vegetative growth of nineteen tropical and sub-tropical pasture grasses and legumes in relation to temperature

Summerfield, R.J., 1977:
Vegetative growth, reproductive ontogeny and seed yield of selected tropical grain legumes

Prestes, P.J. de Q.; Freitas, E.A.G. de; Barreto, I.L., 1976:
Vegetative habit and seasonal variation in the nutritive value of the principal native pasture grasses of Rio Grande do Sul

Miles, S.R.; Singleton, P.C., 1975:
Vegetative history of Cinnabar Park in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming

Dass, H.C.; Sohi, H.S.; Reddy, B.M.C.; Prakash, G.S., 1977:
Vegetative multiplication by leaf cuttings of crowns in pineapple (Ananas composus L.)

Margara, J., 1977:
Vegetative multiplication of beet (Beta vulgaris L.) in in vitro culture

Takeoka, Y.; Shimizu, M.; Kuroyanagi, C., 1977:
Vegetative proliferations of floral spikelets in Oryza sativa L. 7. Effects of GA aand NAA on the type of proliferations which differentiated in rice mutant induced by X-ray irradiation

Takeoka, Y.; Shimizu, M.; Shirai, Y., 1977:
Vegetative proliferations of floral spikelets in Oryza sativa L. 8. Influence of temperature on the proliferation of spikelets

Cosmo, I.; Cersosimo, A., 1975:
Vegetative propagating material of grapevine

Schiva, T., 1975:
Vegetative propagation in gerbera improvement

Ottens, U.F.; Cooksey, W., 1974:
Vegetative propagation in tea cultivation in Rwanda

Alkema, H.Y., 1976:
Vegetative propagation of Allium species

Gyenes, L., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Amaryllis

Pierik, R.L.M.; Spronsen, J.G. v; Eyk Bos, G. van; Groen, L.E.; Wiersma, P., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Anthurium andreanum in vitro

Pierik, R.L.M.; Steegmans, H.H.M., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Anthurium scherzerianum in vitro

Kageyama, P.Y.; Ferreira, M., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Araucaria angustifolia by grafting

Jestaedt, M., 1976:
Vegetative propagation of Aspen and Grey Poplars

Fossard, R.A. de; Bourne, R.A., 1976:
Vegetative propagation of Eucalyptus ficifolia F. Muell by nodal culture in vitro

Fernandes, P.D.; Athayde, M.L.F.; Aguiar, I.B., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Ficus pandurata. I. The use of phytohormones for rooting

Alkema, H.Y., 1976:
Vegetative propagation of Fritillaria species

Bigot, C., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Gloxinia hybrida from organs cultured in vitro

Apps, D.A.; Heuser, C.W., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Hemerocallis - including tissue culture

Gorski, M., 1974:
Vegetative propagation of Ipomoea batatas L

Bankapur, V.M.; Reddy, N.M.A.; Bhandary, K.R., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Karnataka hybrid tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) through stem cuttings

Sampaio, V.R., 1974:
Vegetative propagation of Myrtaceae. Grafting Eugenia tomentosa, rose apple (E. jambos), Java plum (E. jambolana) and pitanga cherry (E. uniflora) on Java plum

Cohen, M.A., 1975:
Vegetative propagation of Pinus strobus

Mustafin, A.M., 1976:
Vegetative propagation of Remusatia vivipara

Dakin, A.J., 1974:
Vegetative propagation of Rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum) with cuttings from nursery plants

Riviere, S.; Muller, J.F., 1976:
Vegetative propagation of Tulipa gesneriana, cv. Paul Richter, by in vitro culture of scale axillary buds

Mutovkina, T.D., 1972:
Vegetative propagation of a tea strain and isolation of varieties by the clonal selection method

Cornu, D., 1977:
Vegetative propagation of a walnut hybrid. Results of a preliminary trial and future possibilities

Matsubara, S.; Clore, W.J., 1974:
Vegetative propagation of asparagus from lateral buds

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