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Chapter 579

X-ray studies on the effect of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner on the feeding activity in three species of Lepidoptera

Narayanan, K.; Govindarajan, R.; Jayaraj, S.; Muthu, M.

Current Science 45(21): 772


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-3891
Accession: 000578617

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Studies by X-ray photography of the bowel movement of larvae of Papilio demoleus L., Achaea janata (L.) and Spodoptera litura (F.) after ingestion of leaves of the appropriate food-plants treated with a barium sulfate paste containing a preparation of Bacillus thuringiensis confirmed previous findings that this bacterium causes general paralysis and hind-gut paralysis in the first 2 species and has no effect on the third.

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