Agricultural chemical residues in foods. V. Pesticide residues in dairy products and meat produced in Hokkaido in 1973

Hori, Y.; Tankawa, Y.; Yamamoto, I.; Kawai, Y.; Shitara, Y.; Sato, Y.; Mori, K.

Report of the Hokkaido Institute of Public Health 24: 122-125


Accession: 000592186

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Min., max. and mean values are tabulated for 13 pesticides or their isomers and metabolites in samples taken during 1973 in Hokkaido. Mean values for 10 samples of milk, 3 of infant feeding formula and 5 of butter resp. were for total BHC, 0.007, 0.012 and 0.198 p.p.m.; total DDT, 0.005, 0.006 and 0.163 p.p.m.; dieldrin, trace, 0.001 and 0.024 p.p.m.; heptachlor epoxide, 0.001, 0.001 and 0.26 p.p.m. There had been a progressive decrease in the contents of the pesticides in the dairy products during 1970 to 1973.