Section 1
Chapter 602

Assessment of losses in two varieties of maize (FARZ 26 and NSI) stored in cribs in the humid tropics

Adesuyi, S.A.; Shode, D.A.

Nigerian Journal of Plant Protection 3: 98-101


Accession: 000601448

In ears of maize (a) NSI (yellow grain) and (b) FARZ 26 (white grain) stored for 6 months in traditional maize cribs at Ibadan, grain m.c. increased from April to Aug. Mould damage increased generally in both throughout the period of storage due to the heavy rainfall, high RH and a corresponding increase in grain m.c. Insect damage in (b) was 61.8% and in (a) 78% after 6 months. Seed viability in (b) decreased from 95.8% to 31.6% and that of (a) from 97.7% to 28.3% after 6 months of storage.

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