Brush control with Garlon herbicides alone and in combination with Tordon 101

Lichy, C.T.

Down to Earth 35(1): 20-24


ISSN/ISBN: 0012-5792
Accession: 000608254

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Triclopyr, both as an amine formulation (Garlon 3A) and as an ester (M-4021) provides good brush control. It has particular value against ash [Fraxinus sp.] and is enhanced in activity by additions of 2,4-D or Tordon 101 (tri-isopropanolamine salts of 2,4-D 2 lb/gal + picloram 0.54 lb). It appears (at least from low vol. sprays) that effective brush control can be obtained with Garlon 3A (triclopyr-triethylamine 3 lb a.e./gal) at 3 gal/acre by itself or at 1 or 1.5 gal + Tordon 101 made up to a total of 3 gal/acre.