Cassava or sweet potato forage as combined sources of protein and roughage in molasses based diets: effect of supplementation with soybean meal

Ffoulkes, D.; Preston, T.R.

Tropical Animal Production 3(3): 186-192


Accession: 000610180

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The 12 zebu and 4 Holstein X zebu bulls of about 216 kg initial liveweight, 2 replicates of 2 cattle were used in a 2 X 2 factorial trial. All got freely the basal diet of molasses with 2.5% urea and minerals. They were given daily a single feed of chopped forage, cassava 4% or sweet potato 5% of liveweight, without or with 400 g soya bean oilmeal. Rate of gain of weight was greater with cassava than with sweet potato. It was increased by soya bean oilmeal, significantly with sweet potato from 570 g to 784 g, and not significantly for cassava from 853 to 944 g. Effect of forage and supplement seemed mediated through effect on intake which was closely related to gain. There was a significant interaction among forage and soya and feed efficiency. Without soya, cassava forage was more efficient than sweet potato forage, but with soya, when protein was not limiting, sweet potato was more efficient than cassava.