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Chapter 614

Chemical composition and digestibility in vitro of dry matter and organic matter of some types of sweet sorghum

Poli, B.M.; Giorgetti, A.; Antongiovanni, M.

Zootecnica e Nutrizione Animale 5(3/4): 449-454


Accession: 000613402

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Of 13 sweet sorghum varieties and hybrids from the USA and Italy the Italian variety Sirri had most organic matter and nitrogen-free extract, 95.3 and 65.7%, and least crude fibre, 20.3%. The American hybrid Amor had least organic matter, 92.5%, and N-free extract, 53.5%. Crude protein was 6.4-8.9, fat 2.2-2.9%. Fibre was greatest, 28.6%, in Rio. DM digestibility ranged from 55.3-73.2%, best for Sirri.

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