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Chemical thinning of the Golden Delicious cultivar

Acta Horticulturae (80): 279-281

Chemical thinning of the Golden Delicious cultivar

Ethrel (ethephon), Frufix (napthaleneacetamide) and the compound CGA 15281 sprays applied to 8-year-old Golden Delicious apple trees reduced the number of fruit/truss and increased fruit size.

Accession: 000614015

Related references

Mitov, P.; Pepelyankov, G., 1979: Chemical fruit thinning of the apple cultivar Golden Delicious. Dicarbam [carbaryl] at 0.15% was more effective for fruit thinning of Golden Delicious on M.9 rootstocks than NAA or Amid Thin W [NAAM]. Dicarbam gave a higher cumulative yield of better quality fruit over 2 years than the other treatments.

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Schumacher, R.; Stadler, W.; Weidmann, G., 1989: Chemical fruit thinning to improve fruit quality in the cultivar Golden Delicious. Trees of the apple cv. Golden Delicious grafted onto M.26 rootstock were sprayed just before blossom drop with 100 p.p.m. naphthylacetamide (Amid), with or without additions of wetting agent, Excell [78% detergent + 22% ethylene glycol monobutyl e...

Byers, R.E., 1978: Chemical thinning of spur golden delicious and starkrimson delicious with sevin and vydate. The addition of a 70 second superior oil to Sevin (carbaryl; 1-naphthyl-N-methyl-carbamate) sprays enhanced the thinning effect on spur 'Golden Delicious' and spur 'Starkrimson Delicious' apples (Malus domestica Borkh.). Vydate...

Schumacher, R.; Fankhauser, F.; Stadler, W., 1977: Fruit thinning in the cultivar Golden Delicious. Naphthalene acetamide thinned the fruit effectively when applied at petal fall or 10 days later, but the earlier treatment produced the best yields of good quality fruit. CGA 15281 sprays resulted in less fruit russeting than with naphthaleneaceta...

Pascual, M.; Urbina, V.; Costa, J., 1993: Efficiency of hand thinning of fruits, complementary to chemical thinning, in apple cv. Golden Delicious. The following fruit thinning treatments were compared in trials carried out on 16-year-old apple trees: (i) chemical thinning with NAA at 13.5 p.p.m. plus hand thinning, leaving one fruit/inflorescence, (ii) chemical thinning with NAA at 13.5 p.p....

Ebert A.; Kreuz C.L., 1988: Hand thinning and chemical thinning in the apple varieties gala golden delicious and fuji. Due to the high demand for labour necessary for hand thinning of apple [Malus domestica]trees the present trial was carried out to analyse the practicability of chemical thinning from technical and economic points of view. The experiments were con...

Rominger, E.; Rominger, O., 1997: Hand fruit thinning in cultivar Golden Delicious. Golden Delicious apple fruits were thinned by hand to 4 different schemes on 4- to 7-year-old trees. Leaving 2 fruits per inflorescence did not decrease total yield compared with not thinning. Leaving 1 fruit per inflorescence increased average fr...

Jones K.M.; Koen T.B.; Meredith R.J., 1983: Thinning cultivar golden delicious apples using ethephon sprays. In southern Tasmania, ethephon sprays were applied at 2 stages of bloom and after bloom at concentrations from 350-1400 ppm. At both the balloon blossom stage and 42 days after full bloom (AFB) 350 ppm ethephon caused satisfactory thinnning of fru...