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Chapter 619

Comparison of adaptability to nitrogen source among vegetable crops. I. Growth response and nitrogen assimilation of fruit vegetables cultured in nutrient solution containing nitrate, ammonium, and nitrite nitrogen

Ikeda, H.; Osawa, T.

Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science 47(4): 454-462


Accession: 000618690

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When 12 species of vegetable were supplied with NO3 in solution culture, growth was generally better in the high N than in the low N regime, although kidney beans grew better in low N; the pH of the solution had almost no effect on growth. Vegetables supplied with NO3 + NH4 grew well under all cultural conditions and growth was better than or almost as good as that in the NO3 treatment. In plants grown with NH4 growth was reduced with high N at pH 5 but not with low N at pH 7.

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