Control of white clover content in swards by varying sowing rates of perennial ryegrass and white clover seeds

Laidlaw, A.S.

Record of Agricultural Research, Northern Ireland 26: 21-27


Accession: 000622898

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In a field trial white clover cv. Blanca was sown in 1973 at 0-9 kg seed/ha with 0-20 kg seed/ha of perennial ryegrass cv. Gremie and 5 cuts were taken in 1974 and '75, and 4 in 1976. In the 1st cut of 1974 clover content of the sward increased with increasing proportion of clover in the seeds mixture and ranged from 3 to 14%. By the 3rd cut of 1974 there was no significant difference between the swards in the total clover yield or percentage. The DM yield of the mixed swards was equivalent to the yield of a pure grass stand given 180 kg N/ha in 1974, and 100-120 kg N/ha in 1975 and '76. In a 2nd trial clover was sown at 0.5-16 kg seed/ha on sterilized soil. There was no significant difference in clover yield between the treatments by the time of the 1st cut in the yr after sowing.