Cytoplasmic hybridization by protoplast fusion in Nicotiana tabacum

Belliard, G.; Pelletier, G.

Physiologie Vegetale 16: 441-448


Accession: 000626398

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Protoplast fusion between Techne and either a white-flowered mutant of Samsun or Xanthi, varieties differing in leaf shape, under nuclear control, and male sterility and flower shape, under cytoplasmic control, produced a percentage of plantlets which had (a) leaves resembling those of one parent and flowers of an intermediate type, with extreme flower modifications leading to fertile Techne and sterile Xanthi types and (b) both leaves and flowers of intermediate type. The latter group were somatic hybrids with 96 chromosomes while the former group were thought to possess hybrid cytoplasm. Test crosses between group (a) plants and either Xanthi or male-fertile Techne showed that flower type and male sterility or fertility were maternally inherited and stable. Study of the chloroplast DNA of group (a) plants indicated that the products of fusion only contained one parental type of chloroplast DNA.