Distribution of salmonella infections among animals, in foods of animal origin and feed stuffs in the German Federal Republic. 1975 and 1976 Annual Report

Pietzsch, O.

Bundesgesundheitsblatt 21(23): 389-411


ISSN/ISBN: 1436-9990
Accession: 000633704

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A detailed breakdown is given of the serotype isolation frequencies of Salmonella spp. in animals and in foods and feedstuffs. Total isolations were 10 140 in 1975 and 12 791 in 1976, involving 152 and 212 different serotypes, resp.; 86.5 and 83.1%, resp. of isolations were attributable to the 10 most common serotypes. Among the important results is the finding of contamination of an infant feeding formula with S. panama and S. newport (low counts).