Effect of body condition at calving on food intake, milk production and weight changes during early lactation of dairy cows given a complete diet

Garnsworthy, P.C.; Topps, J.H.

Animal Production 30(3): 499


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3561
Accession: 000638248

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3 groups of 8 cows were fed during the dry period to achieve body condition scores of 1.5-2, 2.5-3 or 3.5-4 at calving; for 16 wk after calving all cows received the same complete diet. There was no difference between groups for peak milk yield (29 kg/day) or wk of peak (wk 6); lactation curves were also similar. It is concluded that fatter cows took longer to reach a lower peak intake because of their better body condition, and that more of their milk energy came from body fat.