Effect of delayed nitrogen application on sugar cane cv. H32-8560. II Effect of application rate and plant age on yield, quality and nutrient uptake

Valdivia, V.S.; Tello, A.H.; Pinna, C.J.

Saccharum 6(2): 146-177


Accession: 000639008

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Nitrogen as urea was applied to sugar cane at rates from 119 to 454 kg/ha in a field experiment in Peru. A second application of 54 kg N/ha was made 1 year later. The maximum sugar yield was obtained with 390 kg N/ha, and the economically optimum yield with 342 kg N/ha. Increasing N rates did not affect crop quality measurements, but decreased P concentration and increased N concentration in the plant. There was no effect of the delayed N application nor of plant age upon quality characteristics.